Find a wildlife rehabilitator

If you find a sick or injured animal, the links below will help you find the closest rehabilitator. A licensed rehabilitator can care for the animal and attempt to return it to the wild.

Rehabilitators are listed by district; find one near you

When you find a sick or injured animal, you may decide to contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.  Call the rehabilitator first to find out which kinds of wildlife he or she accepts before trying to capture or transport an animal for care. Most rehabilitators are usually unable to pick up injured wildlife, but they will provide advice on the best procedures for safely collecting an animal.

Please keep in mind that wildlife rehabilitators are not authorized to rehabilitate Endangered, Threatened, or Special Concern species protected under MESA. If you're not sure whether you have found a listed species, please contact the Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program. Wildlife rehabilitators are also not authorized to rehabilitate venomous snakes, black bears, moose, or white-tailed deer.

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