Find an ambulance service in Massachusetts

See our list of licensed ambulance services in Massachusetts.

These ambulance services are licensed to operate in Massachusetts by the Department of Public Health through the Office of Emergency Medical Services. Please note that this list is updated as of March 2022.

For more information about these services, please download one of the following files:

Service Number Ambulance Service Name Level
3067 Abington Fire Dept. Paramedic
3977 Access Ambulance Service Inc. Paramedic
3613 Action Ambulance Service, Inc. Paramedic
3215 Acton Fire Dept. Paramedic
3069 Acushnet Fire & EMS Department Paramedic
3350 Adams Ambulance Svc.  Paramedic
3335 Agawam Fire Department Paramedic
3466 Alert Ambulance Service, Inc. Paramedic
3993 American Medical Response of Mass Paramedic
3052 Amesbury Fire Dept. Paramedic
3376 Amherst fire Dept. Ambulance Paramedic
3056 Andover Fire Rescue Basic
3211 Arlington Fire Department Basic
3210 Armstrong Ambulance Svc. Paramedic
3257 Ashburnham Fire Dept. Paramedic
3258 Ashby Fire/EMS Basic
3051 Ashland Fire Dept. Paramedic
3996 Athol Fire/EMS (Town of) Paramedic
3333 Atlantic Ambulance Service Paramedic
3603 Attleboro Fire Dept. Paramedic
3013 Auburn Fire Department Paramedic
3391 Avon Fire Dept. Paramedic
3857 Ayer Fire Department Paramedic
3073 Barnstable Fire/Rescue Paramedic
3262 Barre EMS Paramedic
3111 Beauport Ambulance Service Paramedic
3978 Becket Ambulance Dept. Advanced
3213 Bedford Fire Department Paramedic
3331 Belchertown Fire/Rescue Department Paramedic
3263 Bellingham Fire Dept. Paramedic
3837 Belmont Fire Dept. Paramedic
3075 Berkley Fire Dept. Paramedic
3264 Berlin Fire & EMS Department Basic
3286 Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Ambulance Service Basic
3425 Beverly Emergency Management Basic
3132 Beverly Fire Department EFR Basic
3055 Billerica Ambulance Service Paramedic
3724 Blackstone Fire Dept. Paramedic
3267 Bolton Fire & EMS Paramedic
3000 Boston Children's Hospital Critical Care
3140 Boston College Emergency Medical Services Basic
3066 Boston EMS Paramedic
3926 Boston MedFlight Critical Care
3076 Bourne Fire Dept. Paramedic
3663 Boxborough Fire Dept. Basic
5001 Boxford Fire Department EFR Basic
3561 Boylston Fire Dept. Basic
3995 Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps Basic
3086 Brewster Ambulance Service Paramedic
3077 Brewster Fire Dept. Paramedic
3622 Bridgewater Fire Dept. Paramedic
3270 Brookfield Emergency Squad Paramedic
3217 Burlington Fire Dept. Paramedic
3219 Cambridge Fire Dept. Paramedic
3002 Canton Fire Dept. Paramedic
3672 Carlisle Fire Dept. Basic
3084 Carver Ambulance Service Paramedic
3674 Cataldo Ambulance Svc. Paramedic
3170 Centerville-Osterville-Marston Mills Paramedic
3322 Chapin Ambulance, LLC Basic
3368 Charlemont Emergency Services Ambulance Basic
3272 Charlton Fire Dept Paramedic
3085 Chatham Fire Dept. Paramedic
3232 Chelmsford Fire Department Basic
3349 Chicopee Fire Dept. Basic
3668 Clinton Fire Dept. Ambulance Svc. Basic
3079 Coastal Medical Transportation Services Paramedic
3003 Cohasset Fire Department Paramedic
3369 Colrain Volunteer Ambulance Assoc. Paramedic
3606 Community EMS, Inc. Paramedic
3221 Concord Fire Dept. Basic
3370 Conway Ambulance Svc. (Town of) Basic
3087 Cotuit Fire Dept. Paramedic
3886 County Ambulance Inc. Paramedic
3355 Dalton Fire District Basic
3025 Dartmouth Fire District 1 Basic
3047 Dartmouth Fire District 3 Basic
3089 Dennis Fire Dept. Paramedic
3050 Devens Fire Rescue Basic
3090 Dighton Fire Dept. Paramedic
3276 Douglas Fire Department Paramedic
3605 Dover Fire Department Basic
3596 Dudley Fire Dept. Paramedic
3091 Duxbury Fire Dept. Paramedic
3006 EasCare Ambulance Paramedic
3093 East Bridgewater Fire Dept. Paramedic
3275 East Brookfield Fire Department Paramedic
3097 East Longmeadow Fire Department Paramedic
3095 Eastham Fire Dept. Paramedic
3378 Easthampton Fire Dept. Paramedic
3481 Easton Fire Dept. Paramedic
3612 Edgartown Fire Dept. Paramedic
3183 Essex Fire Dept. Basic
3098 Fairhaven Fire and EMS Paramedic
3101 Fall River Fire Dept. Paramedic
3020 Fallon Ambulance Svc. Paramedic
3900 Fallon Emergency Medical Services, Inc. Paramedic
3102 Falmouth Fire/Rescue Dept. Paramedic
3998 Fitchburg Emergency Medical Services Paramedic
3557 Fitchburg Fire Department Basic
3103 Foxborough Fire and Rescue Paramedic
3281 Franklin Fire /Rescue Paramedic
3104 Freetown Fire Dept. Paramedic
3321 Gardner Fire Department Basic
3048 Georgetown Fire Department Basic
3206 Gloucester Fire Department Paramedic
3332 Granby Fire Dept. Paramedic
3327 Granville Fire Department Ambulance Basic
3443 Great Barrington Fire Department Basic
3080 Greenfield Fire Department Basic
3432 Groton Fire Department Basic
3411 Groveland Fire Department Basic
3984 Guardian Ambulance Basic
3659 Halifax Fire Dept. Paramedic
3919 Hampden Fire Department Basic
3559 Hanover Fire Dept. Paramedic
3592 Hanson Fire Dept. Paramedic
3222 Harvard Ambulance Service Basic
3108 Harwich Fire Dept. Paramedic
3917 Hatfield Ambulance Svc. Paramedic
3131 Highland Ambulance EMS Paramedic
3990 Hilltown Community Ambulance Association, Inc. Paramedic
3009 Hingham Fire & Rescue Svcs. Paramedic
3356 Hinsdale Volunteer Firemen's Assoc. Basic
3109 Holbrook Fire Dept. Paramedic
3939 Holden Fire Department Paramedic
3010 Holliston Fire Dept. Basic
3933 Holyoke Fire Department Basic
3982 Hopedale Fire Dept. Paramedic
3011 Hopkinton Fire Dept. Paramedic
3039 Hubbardston Fire Dept. Paramedic
3015 Hull Fire/Rescue & Emergency Svcs. Paramedic
3110 Hyannis Fire & Rescue Dept. Paramedic
3121 Ipswich Fire Department EFR Basic
3130 Kingston Fire Dept. Paramedic
3957 K's Personal Transport Basic
3946 Lakeville Fire Dept. Paramedic
3442 Lancaster Fire/EMS Basic
3358 Lanesborough Volunteer Fire Department Basic
3040 Lawrence General Paramedic Services. Paramedic
3359 Lee Ambulance Svc. Paramedic
3287 Leicester Emergency Medical Svc. Paramedic
3348 Lenox Ambulance Advanced
3288 Leominster Fire Dept. Basic
3223 Lexington Fire Dept. Paramedic
3017 Life Flight Critical Care
3444 Life Star Critical Care
3100 LifeLine Ambulance Service Paramedic
3244 Lincoln Ambulance Svc. (Town of) Basic
3243 Littleton Fire Dept. Paramedic
3979 Longmeadow Fire EMS Paramedic
3600 Lowell General Hospital Paramedics Paramedic
3134 Lower Cape Ambulance Assoc. Paramedic
3339 Ludlow Ambulance Svc. Paramedic
3290 Lunenburg Fire Dept. Advanced
3033 Lynn Fire Department Paramedic
3207 Lynnfield Fire Department Ambulance Paramedic
3404 M.I.T. EMS Basic
3192 Manchester-By-The-Sea (Town of) Paramedic
3112 Mansfield Fire Dept. Paramedic
2004 Marblehead Fire Department Basic
3113 Marion Fire/EMS Paramedic
3036 Marlboro Hudson Amb & Wheelchair Service Paramedic
3992 Marshfield Fire Dept. Paramedic
3115 Mashpee Fire & Rescue Paramedic
3163 Mass EMS, Inc. Basic
3932 Mass General Brigham Ambulance Services Paramedic
3065 Massachusetts Maritime Academy EMS Basic
3965 Massachusetts State Police Academy Basic
3116 Mattapoisett Police Emergency Med. Svc. Paramedic
3570 Maynard Fire Dept. Basic
3434 McCall Transportation, LLC Paramedic
3018 Medfield Fire Department Paramedic
3038 MedStar Ambulance Paramedic
3227 MedStar EMS Paramedic
3419 Medway Fire Dept. Paramedic
3500 Melrose Fire Department Paramedic
3060 Mendon Fire Department Paramedic
3849 Merrimac Fire Dept. Paramedic
3059 Methuen Fire Dept. Basic
3043 Middleborough Fire Department Basic
3196 Middleton Fire Dept. Paramedic
3068 Milford Fire Department EFR Basic
3019 Millis Fire Rescue Department Paramedic
3937 Millville Fire Dept. Basic
3294 Monson Fire Dept. Ambulance Svc. Paramedic
3035 Nahant Ambulance Svc. Basic
3591 Nantucket Fire Dept. Paramedic
3022 Natick Fire Dept. Paramedic
3800 National Ambulance Service Paramedic
3023 Needham Fire Department Paramedic
3469 New Bedford EMS Paramedic
3969 New Marlborough Rescue Basic
3092 Newbury Fire Department Paramedic
3026 Norfolk Fire Department Paramedic
3061 North Andover Fire Dept. Basic
3123 North Attleborough Fire Dept. Paramedic
3295 North Brookfield EMS Basic
3198 North Reading Fire Dept. Paramedic
3008 Northampton Fire Department Paramedic
3027 Northborough Fire Dept. Paramedic
3298 Northbridge Fire Dept. Ambulance Svc. Paramedic
3988 Northeast Regional Ambulance Service, Inc. Paramedic
3676 Northern Berkshire EMS Paramedic
3951 Northfield EMS Paramedic
3124 Norton Fire Dept. Paramedic
3125 Norwell Fire Department Paramedic
3028 Norwood Fire Dept. Ambulance Paramedic
3127 Oak Bluffs Ambulance Service Paramedic
3299 Orange Fire Dept. Paramedic
3129 Orleans Fire Department Rescue Service Paramedic
3363 Otis Rescue Squad Basic
3300 Oxford Fire - EMS Paramedic
3923 Palmer Ambulance Svc., Inc. Paramedic
3747 Patriot Ambulance, Inc. Paramedic
3071 Paxton Fire Department Paramedic
3467 Pembroke Fire Dept. Ambulance Paramedic
3496 Pepperell Fire Department Paramedic
3379 Phillipston Fire Department Basic
3200 Pioneer Valley EMS Paramedic
3029 Plainville Fire Department Paramedic
3024 Plympton Fire Department Paramedic
3099 PrideSTAR EMS Inc. Paramedic
3304 Princeton Fire Department Paramedic
3214 Professional Ambulance and Oxygen Service Paramedic
3135 Provincetown Fire Department Paramedic
3117 Pulse EMS, Inc. Basic
3005 RAM Ambulance, Inc. Paramedic
3037 Randolph Fire Dept. Paramedic
3136 Raynham Fire Dept. Paramedic
3199 Reading Fire Dept. Paramedic
3438 Rehoboth Ambulance Committee Paramedic
3435 Rehoboth Fire Department Basic
3361 Richmond Fire Dept. Ambulance Svc. Basic
3985 Riverside Park Enterprise Paramedic
3138 Rochester Fire Dept.  Ambulance Paramedic
3658 Rockland Fire Dept. Paramedic
3205 Rockport Ambulance Service Basic
3697 Rutland Fire Dept.  Ambulance Svc. Paramedic
3016 Salisbury Fire - Rescue Basic
3364 Sandisfield Fire Dept. Basic
3142 Sandwich Fire Dept. Paramedic
3597 Scituate Fire Dept. Paramedic
3146 Seekonk Fire Dept. Paramedic
3034 Sharon Fire Dept Paramedic
3374 Shelburne Falls Fire/Rescue EMS Basic
3928 Sherborn Fire Dept. Rescue Squad Basic
3325 Shirley Fire Department Basic
3147 Somerset Fire Dept. Paramedic
3375 South County Emergency Medical Services Paramedic
3999 South Hadley Fire District No 1 Paramedic
3122 South Hadley Fire District No 2 Basic
3007 South Shore Hospital Paramedic
3380 Southampton Fire Dept. Paramedic
3032 Southborough Fire Dept. Paramedic
3307 Southbridge Fire Dept. Paramedic
3733 Southcoast EMS, Inc. Paramedic
3365 Southern Berkshire Volunteer Ambulance Paramedic
3329 Southwick Fire Dept. Paramedic
3308 Spencer Rescue & Emergency Squad, Inc. Paramedic
3954 Stat Ambulance Service.,  Inc. Paramedic
3953 Stat Ambulance Svc. of New England, Inc. Paramedic
3953 Stat Ambulance Service of New England, Inc. (PROV. LIC. 12/31/21-6/30/22) Paramedic
3310 Sterling Fire Department Ambulance Paramedic
3148 Stoughton Fire Dept. Paramedic
3516 Stow Emergency Med. Svc.  (Town of) Basic
3277 Sturbridge Fire/Ambulance Paramedic 
3421 Sudbury Fire Dept. Paramedic
3054 Swampscott Fire Department EFR Basic
3150 Swansea Ambulance Corps Paramedic
3311 Templeton Fire Dept. Paramedic
3062 Tewksbury Fire Dept. Basic
3153 Tisbury Ambulance Svc. Paramedic
3021* Topsfield Fire Dept. (PROV. LIC. 2/1/22-7/31/22) Paramedic
3808 Townsend Fire-EMS Paramedic
3952 Trinity EMS, Inc. Paramedic
3651 Tri-Town Ambulance Paramedic
3152 Truro Rescue Squad Paramedic
3399 Tufts Emergency Medical Services Basic
3072 Turners Falls Fire Department Basic
3118 Tyngsborough Fire Department Basic
3958 Umass Memorial EMS Paramedic
3799 University of Massachusetts Lowell Basic
3313 Upton Department of Emerg. Med. Svcs. Paramedic
3314 Uxbridge Fire Dept. Paramedic
3773 Vital Emergency Medical Services Paramedic
3700 Vital Emergency Medical Transport, Inc. Paramedic
3030 Walpole Fire Dept. Paramedic
3315 Ware Fire Department Paramedic
3160 Wareham Emergency Med. Svcs. Paramedic
3316 Warren Fire Dept. Ambulance Basic
3437 Watertown Fire Dept. Paramedic
3049 Wayland Fire Dept. Paramedic
3317 Webster Emergency Medical Services Paramedic
3096 Wellesley Fire/Rescue EFR Basic
3161 Wellfleet Fire Dept. Paramedic
3991 Wenham Fire Department Basic
3162 West Barnstable Fire Dept. Paramedic
3318 West Boylston Fire Dept. Paramedic
3394 West Bridgewater Fire Dept. Paramedic
3319 West Brookfield Rescue Squad Paramedic
3343 West Springfield Fire Department Paramedic
3660 Westborough Fire Dept. Paramedic
3330 Westfield Fire Dept. Paramedic
3063 Westford Fire Dept. Paramedic
3046 Westminster Fire Department Paramedic
3045 Weston Fire Dept. Basic
3178 Westport Fire Dept. Paramedic
3044 Westwood Fire Dept. Paramedic
3166 Whitman Fire Dept. Paramedic
3964 Wilbraham Fire Dept. Paramedic
3251 Wilmington Fire Dept. Basic
3320 Winchendon Ambulance Svc. Paramedic
3457 Winchester Fire Dept. Rescue Paramedic
3682 Windsor Ambulance Service (Town of) Basic
3595 Woburn Fire Dept. Basic
3282 Wood's Ambulance Inc. Paramedic
3882 Wood's EMS, Inc. Paramedic
3423 Wrentham Fire Dept. Paramedic
3169 Yarmouth Fire Dept. Paramedic

*A provisional license is distinct from a standard ambulance service license. The Department of Public Health frequently inspects the ambulance service during its six-month provisional licensure period, to provide more oversight support and monitor compliance with all regulatory standards as well as its approved Plan of Correction.