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Find out if you're eligible to change your alimony

Find out when you’re allowed to change your alimony.

After a divorce, you can ask for a change in the amount of alimony you’re paying or receiving, or in the length of time that alimony is paid. There are 2 main reasons you can ask for a change:

  1. There has been a “material change” in the financial circumstances of you or your ex-spouse, the person receiving alimony has died, or the person receiving the alimony has remarried or is living with a partner.
  2. Your alimony was awarded before the law changed in 2012 and it requires you to pay alimony for a longer period of time than you would under the new law. Alimony laws were significantly changed in 2012. The law, St. 2011, Ch. 124, created 4 different types of alimony, as well as adding the length of marriage as a factor in how long alimony must be paid.