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Fish passage and restoration projects

The Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) works to identify and restore areas critical to diadromous spawning.

DMF restores older fish passages and builds new ones where needed. We've completed many multi-year fish passage and habitat restoration projects. These projects cover a wide range of coastal rivers in Massachusetts and include both fish ladders and eel ramps.


Each year, DMF provides technical assistance, review, and construction oversight to improve and maintain diadromous fish passage and habitat. Listed below are some of our ongoing projects:

  • Aberjona River, Winchester
  • Long Pond, Harwich
  • Fore River Watershed, Boston Harbor
  • Three Mile River, Taunton
  • Westport River, Westport
  • High Street Dam, Bridgewater
  • Ipswich River, Ipswich
  • Concord River, Billerica

Many of these projects are funded through Sport Fish Restoration

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