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Getting Help on the CANS

MassHealth Children's Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI), Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS)

Troubleshooting materials to help resolve common issues with the CANS Application, contact information for Virtual Gateway (VG) Customer Service, and advice on getting the most out of customer service.

Webinar video transcript: Changes to the CANS Consent and Diagnostic Factors

This Webinar contains important information about the changes to the CANS for Consent and the Diagnoses section effective February 22, 2015.

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Changes to the CANS Webinar: Questions and Answers

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Troubleshooting the CANS Application

CANS Application users may run into technical issues from time to time. CBHI created these troubleshooting materials to give CANS users quick help on common problems.

If you do not find a solution here or have a complex problem, please call the Virtual Gateway Customer Service.

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CANS Virtual Gateway “Top Five” Asked Questions

The Virtual Gateway compiled the top five reasons why CANS Users call their helpdesk.

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CANS Workarounds

Some minor defects found in the CANS Application are being studied and will be fixed in future updates. In the meantime, these workarounds can help.

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Troubleshooting Basic CANS Functions

A quick reference for the most common functions in the CANS Application.

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CANS Troubleshooting: Computer and Browser Settings

Sometimes issues with the CANS Application may be due to computer settings on the user’s end. If you have trouble logging into the application or using any of its features, the following might help you diagnose the issue before you need to call Virtual Gateway Customer Service.

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Getting Help from Virtual Gateway Customer Service

You will be greeted by a recorded message that will prompt you to “Press #1 for Provider.” You then will be directed to a secondary menu:

Press #1 for Virtual Gateway password resets and login issues
Press #2 for questions about CBHI/CANS Application

If you have a training or certification question, e.g., trouble logging onto the CANS training website, trouble with CANS recertification, missing CANS training certification key, etc., Customer Service will transfer you directly to the CANS Training Program (UMass).

VG customer service can assist you with:

  • General questions about the Virtual Gateway
  • Technical questions or system issues
  • Virtual Gateway access or login questions

What you may need to provide to the VG customer service representative (if applicable):

  • Name, organization, phone number, and email address.
  • Business service you are working on.
  • Screen/field you were working on.
  • Description of the issue or error message.
  • How critical the issue is.
  • If the issue is preventing you from doing your work.

If VG customer service cannot resolve the issue immediately, they will:

  • issue a ticket and ticket number.
  • where possible, provide a workaround.
  • contact you to follow-up* with your ticket.

*If you do not respond to the VG customer service’s efforts to contact you within 10 days, the ticket will be closed. You will need to call the VG Customer Service again to restate your issues.

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