Hazardous materials investigation and remediation

Hazardous Materials Investigation & Remediation performs several tasks throughout the commonwealth to prevent and dispose of hazardous waste

Our staff performs hazardous materials reviews on MassDOT Highway Division project designs for possible oil and hazardous materials impacts. If appropriate, we recommend special provisions for the construction contract to address identified issues. Some issues involve the proper handling and disposal of:

  • Contaminated Soil and/or Groundwater
  • Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM)
  • Lead-Based Paint
  • Chemically Treated Timber

Our staff also has direct oversight of remedial activities at MassDOT controlled oil and hazardous materials release sites. This is to ensure compliance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 21E and the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP), in accordance with the requirements of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP). We also consult with the MassDOT Right-of-Way Bureau on potential hazardous materials impacts to properties to be acquired or sold. The Hazardous Materials group works with a group of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Compliance Coordinators (ECCs), assigned to each district office. As their principal role, the ECCs oversee compliance initiatives within their districts and provide environmental regulatory guidance.

Parties responsible for releases that occur on MassDOT-owned property, and Licensed Site Professionals (LSPs) addressing those releases, should send all required 21E notices to MassDOT in accordance with the MCP, 310 CMR 40.1406. These notices should be sent to the Hazardous Materials Group at:

MassDOT Highway Division
Attn: Supervisor, Hazardous Materials Group
10 Park Plaza, Suite 4260
Boston, MA 02116

We also advise on the following regulatory program areas that support the EMS and environmental compliance at department facilities:

Program Our Responsibility
Hazardous Waste & Materials Provide technical assistance within the department for the assessment of hazardous waste and material issues and releases.
Wetlands Conduct regular inspections to ensure that wetland resources are protected.
Above & Underground Storage Tanks Perform inspections, testing and facilitate upgrades/replacement to meet applicable federal, state and local regulations.
Solid Waste Manage MassDOT Highway's solid waste stream via consultant contracts in each district ensuring compliance with Massachusetts solid waste regulations, and the timely removal of accumulated solid waste.
Water Quality Facilitate compliance with permits issued for authorized discharge from floor drains, septic and sewer systems, vehicle wash water, oil water separators and tight tanks within MassDOT Highway maintenance facilities. As needed, will provide for the evaluation, design and construction of these systems.