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Health and Human Services Media Contact


At the Executive Office of Health and Human Services, we have many great stories to tell. Because our agencies touch one in every six residents of Massachusetts, we know you may have questions about our programs, policies and services.

Please contact the appropriate communications person from the list below.  Our commitment is that we will be as responsive and as helpful as possible. 

Executive Office of Health and Human Services:
For media inquiries contact:
Brooke Karanovich, Media Relations Manager
p. 857-332-2204

Colleen Arons, Assistant Secretary for Communications
p. 857-324-0499

Jessica Lyons
p. 617-573-1830

Department of Public Health:
Ann Scales 
p. 617-624-5253
e. Ann.Scales@State.MA.US

Department of Children and Families:
Andrea Grossman, Director of Public Affairs 
p. 617-748-2252
e. Andrea.Grossman@State.MA.US

Department of Transitional Assistance:
Chris Power, Director of External Affairs
p: 617-348-5328

Department of Mental Health:
Johnathan Fox
p. 617-626-8350

Department of Developmental Services:
Christopher Klaskin, Communications
e. Christopher.M.Klaskin@State.MA.US

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission:
Josh Boardman
p. 617-204-3701
e. Joshua.Boardman@MassMail.State.MA.US

Department of Youth Services:
Margaret Chow
p. 617-960-3283
e. Margaret.Chow-menzer@MassMail.State.MA.US

Department of Veteran Affairs:
Anthony Preston, Director of Legislative and Media Relations   
p. 617-210-5481
e. Anthony.Preston@MassMail.State.MA.US

Massachusetts Commission for the Blind:
Carla Kath, Director of Communications
p. 857-301-5188

Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing:
Aurora Wilber, Communications    
p. 617-740-1690
e. Aurora.Wilber@State.MA.US

Office of Refugees & Immigrants:
Falah Hashem, Communications  
p. 617-988-3451
e. Falah.Hashem@State.MA.US

Executive Office of Elder Affairs
Tom Lyons
p. 617-222-7458
e. Thomas.H.Lyons@State.MA.US