Hinton State Laboratory Building - Recycling and Posting Policies

Learn about the recycling and poster policies for the Hinton State Laboratory Building.

Recycling policy

All occupants of the William A. Hinton Laboratory buildings are encouraged to collect recyclable materials for pickup by the recycling contractor.

Paper waste should be recycled using the blue desk-side receptacles. These receptacles may be emptied in the 96 gallon recycling carts located on each floor of both the Tower and Stable Buildings. Confidential materials may be placed in the secured, gray bins located on each floor in both buildings. The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) Facilities Office has made arrangements for shredding these materials off-site.

Receptacles for comingled recyclables are also located on each floor.

DCAMM Facilities Office is responsible for recycling scrap metals, baled cardboard and wooden pallets.

DCAMM also recycles electronics equipment such as PC’s, printers and electronic test equipment. Contact Facilities for disposal of electronics equipment.

Posting policy

Posters and notices are to be limited to the bulletin boards located in each department’s area. No posted material shall be affixed to walls or doors in common areas without prior approval of the Facilities Manager. No political campaign materials shall be displayed or posted in any William A. Hinton Laboratory building.

Any permanent directional or location signs required within the building will be provided by DCAMM Facilities Office.

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