Hinton State Laboratory Building - Security

Learn about the responsibilities of the Hinton State Laboratory’s Security Department.

About building security

It is the policy of the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) to provide a safe and secure working environment for employees and visitors to DCAMM facilities, through the prohibition of carriage of weapons or other dangerous items inside these facilities and to screen those entering the facilities to prevent the unauthorized conveyance of dangerous weapons into the facilities.

The Security Department:

  • Manages Building Visitors and Contractors. The Security officer at the front Security desk assures that visitors and contractors sign the appropriate sign-in register, issues visitor badges and contacts the visitor escorts prior to allowing access to William A. Hinton State Laboratory buildings.
  • Establishes and implements Security and Safety policies and procedures. A copy of the Security manual, including lists of emergency contacts, is kept at the front Security desk for reference.
  • Provides Emergency Response Planning
  • Manages contracts for Security Services and Security Equipment Maintenance and Repair
  • Provides Photo ID/Access Cards for employees
  • In collaboration with the Facilities department, maintains Key Control
  • Manages building Parking Operations. Security officers patrol parking lots to assure that all vehicles have the required parking tag, that No Parking zones are kept clear, that handicapped and visitor parking is used properly and to discourage vehicle theft.

The Security Department works with the following agencies/companies to maintain a secure facility:

  • Massachusetts State Police
  • Executive Office of Public Safety
  • State Fire Marshal
  • Boston Fire Department
  • Fire Detection and Alarm Contractor
  • Division of Employment and Training
  • Department of Mental Health
  • Legislature’s Joint Committee on Rules

To contact the Security front desk, call extension 5502. For more urgent issues, contact the Security Supervisor at (617) 983-6212.

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