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How does MassGIS learn about new addresses?

What communities can do to help ensure new addresses are added to the NextGen 9-1-1 system.

Most communities in the state now notify their own departments as well as third parties like utilities, of newly assigned addresses. In the recently deployed Next Generation 9-1-1 system, successful routing of 9-1-1 calls now relies, in part, on up-to-date address information. That information is maintained on behalf of the State 911 Department by MassGIS. Therefore, it is essential that MassGIS learn about any new, changed, or retired addresses as soon as they are approved at the local level. That way, MassGIS can update the address information used by the NG 9-1-1 System, including verifying locations for new addresses. All new addresses, even on non-accepted streets and private ways, have to be verified so that emergency services can respond as quickly as possible to a 911 call.

There are three options for sending address updates to MassGIS:

1) Notify MassGIS by email

Send updates about each new, changed, or retired address via email to You can help ensure new addresses are added to the NextGen 9-1-1 system as quickly as possible by providing additional information that MassGIS staff could use in identifying a new addresses location. Helpful information includes:

  1. A description of location such as nearest cross streets
  2. If the new address(es) are part of a subdivision, especially if there are new streets, attaching a plan or other site map to the email.

Note that if your city or town already has an addressing workflow with a standard new/changed address notification form, then adding us to the distribution list for that form is the easiest option and we will follow up with any questions.  

2) Fill out an online form

Fill out this form, which will be familiar to staff that have previously provided updates to Verizon for the Master Street Address Guide on a paper form. Any available scans of site plans or other mapping can also be attached to address updates submitted via this online form.

3) Use "FDC Lite"

MassGIS is encouraging, as the primary method, municipal building and fire code inspectors to report locations of new addresses using a smartphone/tablet app, which we call “Field Data Collection – Lite” (FDC Lite). Address locations can be reported through FDC Lite when a building foundation is approved or at the time of final inspections prior to issuing a Certificate of Occupancy for new construction. This option is the quickest (a minute or less per address) and most efficient way to ensure new addresses are added to the NG 9-1-1 system; the app is also highly advantageous in terms of the quality of the information received by MassGIS. An internet enabled tablet or smartphone is required to use the app. Address changes or retired addresses cannot be reported through the application.

For more information about and training in using the FDC Lite application, send email to and put “FDC Lite” in the subject.