How to File a Pesticide Complaint

Massachusetts Pesticide Inspectors are assigned to regions. Find the inspector assigned to your region. Contact Chief Inspector to file a complaint at 617-626-1781.

The Pesticide Program enforces of all pesticide Regulations in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Pesticide Enforcement regulates the Massachusetts Pesticide Control Act and the regulations 333 CMR 1- 14. Also MDAR is assigned as the state lead agency for the enforcement of the Federal Insecticide Fungicide Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) by the US EPA.

Pesticide Inspectors investigate allegations of pesticide misuse and inspect farms that may use pesticides, marketplace locations that sell pesticides, pest control businesses that may use pesticides help control unwanted pests and pesticide producer establishments that manufacture pesticides in Massachusetts.

To file a complaint, please call the Enforcement hotline at 617-626-1781.

Pesticide Inspectors:

Michael W. McClean, Chief Pesticide Inspector


Clayton Edwards, ROW Coordinator, Pesticide Inspector in Worcester County


Laurie Rocco, Pesticide Inspector in Western Massachusetts


Jesse Diamond, Pesticide Inspector in Southeastern Massachusetts


Fred Oakes, Pesticide Inspector in Northeastern Massachusetts



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