How To Offer Public Comment At A DOI Hearing

Public Comment
Why Offer Public Comment?
Public comment is a fundamental part of policy making. Administrative hearings at the Division are open to the public and commonly concern proposed insurance regulations, setting certain insurance rates, and proposed mergers and acquisitions of insurance companies. Regulatory proceedings allow members of the public to express their viewpoints on insurance issues under consideration. This typically occurs at the beginning of a proceeding. In many of these cases, before the hearing officer makes a decision, evidence will also be presented by the parties, and expert witnesses testify and are cross-examined. Therefore, the public comment portion of the hearing is a unique opportunity for you, as a member of the public, to voice concern, support, or suggestions early in the agency's decision making process. Since your perspective as a consumer is strongly valued by the Division, we encourage your participation in public comment hearings.
How To Offer Public Comment
Notices of public hearings at the Division of Insurance are posted on this web site and are published in various newspapers. If you wish to make an oral statement at a public hearing, file a "Notice of Intent to Testify" with the Division by sending it to: Docket Clerk, Hearings and Appeals, Division of Insurance, 1000 Washington St, Suite 810, Boston, MA 02118-6200. Include your name, the name of any organization you represent, and the docket number listed in the notice of public hearing. Be sure to file the notice of intent to testify by the date specified in the notice of hearing. Those who do not notify the Division in advance, will be heard after those who provide advance notice. You may also submit written comments while the record is open.

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