How to Use the MassGIS Oliver Map Viewer

To view Zone IIs and IWPA Wellhead Protection Areas


  • Open MassGIS Oliver. The Oliver webpage shows an interactive map, available data layers, active data layers and legend
  • To select data layers for Zone IIs and IWPAs (see also Fig. 1):
    • In the Available Data Layers section, search for or scroll down to the ‘Regulated Areas’ folder
    • Open the ‘Regulated Areas’ folder (click on + symbol to the left the folder)
    • Scroll down to the ‘Wellhead Protection Areas’ folder and open folder
    • Click on ‘IWPAs’ and ‘Zone IIs’ to select these as active data layers. “IWPAs and ‘Zone IIs’ appear as active layers and their legend symbols are shown 
    • Zoom into the area of interested to view a detailed map of IWPAs and Zone IIs

Figure 1 Oliver map opening page

Oliver MassGIS's Online Mapping tool


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