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I Am Seeking the Medical Records of a Deceased Family Member

Information on obtaining records for a deceased family member

The general rule for persons seeking DMH medical records of a deceased family member is that a court order must be obtained that requires DMH to release specified records or a court appointed Executor or Administrator of a deceased person’s estate may sign an authorization to release records of the deceased person whose estate is covered by that court appointment.

DMH cannot offer legal advice on where or how to obtain a court order or court appointment. People seeking legal representation in Massachusetts may wish to consult the Massachusetts Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service at 866-627-7577 or their local area bar association.

Until such time as a court order is granted or a valid Executor/Administrator authorization is received, DMH cannot: (1) release any medical records; (2) confirm that any person was ever served by DMH; or (3) confirm that records of any DMH service are still in DMH custody or control.

Please note that although many older DMH medical records are maintained – some of which may be in the custody of the State Archives – the DMH record retention policy only requires that medical records be maintained for thirty (30) years. As such, we cannot assure in advance that obtaining a court order or Executor/Administrator authorization will result in receipt of the records.

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