Important tax filing information for MassHealth members

If you file taxes, look for new tax forms this year. We will be mailing these forms to some members annually in January and February.

Why are you getting a new tax form?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has rules about health insurance coverage. You need to have health insurance that meets a standard called Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC). If you have MEC, you will not have to pay a fee or penalty.

The following types of MassHealth coverage are MEC.

  • MassHealth Standard
  • MassHealth CommonHealth
  • MassHealth Family Assistance
  • MassHealth CarePlus

The following types of coverage are not MEC. If you have any of these types of coverage, we will not send you Form 1095-B.

  • MassHealth Limited
  • Health Safety Net (HSN)
  • Children’s Medical Security Plan (CMSP)

Visit the MassHealth Coverage Types to learn more or call us at (800) 841-2900.

Visit the Types of health insurance that count as coverage web page for information on what counts as MEC.

For your federal income tax return: Form 1095-B

If we send you the 1095-B, you will need it to fill out your federal income tax return. Form 1095-B shows the months you had MassHealth coverage in 2016. MassHealth shares the information on the 1095-B with the IRS.

Important: MassHealth will mail a separate Form 1095-B to each covered person in a household.

To learn more about Form1095-B, visit the IRS website at

For your state income tax return: MA 1099-HC

If we send you MA 1099-HC, you will need it to fill out your state income tax return. Like the federal 1095-B form, the 1099-HC shows each month you had MassHealth coverage in 2016.

Important: Some people who get the federal 1095-B form do not need to get the MA 1099-HC. If the 1099-HC was not in your envelope, you do not need it to fill out your state income tax return.

For more information about the Form 1099-HC and Massachusetts health care coverage, visit the DOR Taxpayer Help & Resources web page.

Please note: If you get both forms, the health coverage shown on your federal 1095-B may be different from the coverage shown on the state 1099-HC. This is because the federal and state rules for MEC are different.

What if I can’t find my Form 1095-B or 1099-HC from MassHealth?

If you can’t find your 1095-B or 1099-HC, you can call us for a replacement copy. Remember that not everyone gets both forms. The phone number is (866) 682-6745 (TTY: (800) 497-4648 for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech disabled). We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

What if I think the information on the Form 1095-B or 1099-HC isn’t right?

If you think the information on any form we’ve sent you is wrong, please call us at (866) 682-6745 (TTY: (800) 497-4648).


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