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Inmate healthcare

We work with different partners in the state to provide healthcare services for inmates.


Inmate healthcare is provided by contracted vendors. The Massachusetts Partnership of Correctional Health (MPCH) provides medical and mental services for all inmates, except for those at Bridgewater State Hospital (BSH). Correct Care Solutions provides all medical and mental health services to individuals housed at BSH. Forensic Health Services provides sex offender treatment services.

Healthcare provided to inmates in our prisons may include:

  • Medical care

  • Mental health care

  • Dental care

  • Sex offender treatment programs

  • Additional services

It is important to note that not every facility offers the same level or type of healthcare services. If an inmate needs a certain service, we will house them at a facility that offers it.

In-patient and out-patient care

Inmates who need specialized health services may get out-patient care at Lemuel Shattuck Hospital.

Inmates who need in-patient care for an acute illness may go to Lemuel Shattuck Hospital or other hospitals in the area.

If an inmate has a less serious illness, but still needs to be secluded from other inmates, they may be put in a facility with an infirmary.

Doctors and nurses regularly distribute medication to inmates as prescribed.

If an inmate needs help with everyday self-care, we may house them in an Activities for Daily Living unit at one of our facilities.


We have emergency medical and mental health services available to all inmates as needed, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. An inmate can request emergency medical or mental health services through a staff member.

Mental health services

We provide have specialized units for inmates with mental health issues. Some of these include:

  • Residential Treatment Unit

  • Secure Treatment Program

  • Behavior Management Unit

  • Intensive Treatment Unit

Our mental health units provide a level of care more intensive than our general inmate mental health services, but less intensive than in-patient hospitals.

MassHealth for released inmates

Our department partners with MassHealth to provide health insurance to releasing inmates. This trailblazing program has been nationally recognized as a model for other states to replicate. This partnership allows community access upon release to:

  • Medical services

  • Mental health services

  • Substance abuse treatment


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