Instructions: Petition for approval of entertainment contract (for a minor and appointment of limited guardian) court form

Instructions and information to assist you in completing this form.

Petition to be filed

  1. In county where the child resides, OR
  2. In county where the child is employed, performs, or renders his/her services, or 
  3. If the child is not a resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, then in at least one county where a performance is to take place.

In the unlikely event that the child is not a resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the employment or performance takes place outside of Massachusetts, the petition may be filed in the county where the employer has his principal place of business. This should be noted and the information provided to the court in an attachment to the petition.

File with this petition

The following must be filed with this petition

  • Certified copy of the child’s birth certificate.
  • Copy of proposed contract.
  • A bond must be furnished.

No filing fee is required.

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