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Preparing the next generation of leaders remains a key constituent for the Commission. The MCSW’s internship program aims to encourage young women and men from various backgrounds to become more involved in understanding and addressing women’s issues. We welcome undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students and offer different positions so that we can collaboratively work to achieve our goals and meet the needs of women state-wide.

The MCSW seeks responsible, conscientious, and pro-active individuals with a sincere interest in women’s issues, social justice, and civic engagement. Applicants should demonstrate strong writing and organizational skills and should be willing to take initiatives for new assignments. They must be motivated, open-minded, and have a positive attitude around others. While interns are encouraged to suggest which position they are interested in undertaking, they will not be limited to a particular area as many of our tasks are collaborative in nature. Due to its small size and limited staff, the MCSW is a relatively low-funded agency. Although all of our internships are unpaid, we do give our interns the option of receiving credit to count for academic programs at their affiliated institutions.

Legislative Intern

  • Researching and monitoring state and national legislation that affects women
  • Assisting with outreach to other organizations or groups involved with issues of concern to women
  • Collaborating with the Legislative Committee and supporting their activities

Program and Planning Intern

Communications/Publications/Web Design Intern

  • Writing and distributing press releases and media advisories
  • Updating and/or creating media lists, and obtaining media coverage for Commission events
  • Updating Facebook and Twitter pages with recent event information
  • Contributing to website design


  • Conducting research on various issues affecting the status of women in Massachusetts
  • Tying in studies to organize future events that highlight salient issues

How to Apply:

Internships are available to students during the fall, spring, and summer terms, but we also host students during other respective college terms/quarters. There is a minimum commitment of 16 hours per week required of all interns. Admission into the internship program is rolling.

Contact Director, Jill Ashton at if you wish to apply for an internship. Please submit a copy of your CV and a cover letter stating your reasons for applying, and be sure to address any specific position(s) within the commission that interest you, and your dates and hours of availability.

Past Intern Testimonials

Summer 2017

  • Kate Vanier, Skidmore College

"As a political science major at Skidmore, I studied feminist case law, and was appalled by the social and economic disadvantages women experience daily. Working at the MCSW has been uplifting and comforting in the sense that I am surrounded by smart, driven, and politically active women. After personally working with pieces of state legislation that would improve women’s lives both at home and at work, I am inspired to do more to work towards these goals every day. Fair scheduling, equal pay, medical leave, and contraceptive access are vital components to ensure a woman’s wellbeing in her daily life. Before my time as an intern at the MCSW, I had no idea horrific acts such as child marriage or female genital mutilation were legal in the Commonwealth. My internship has made me a more well-rounded, educated woman who is ready to pursue a career in law. My ultimate goal is to further advance and advocate for legislation that mitigates the effects of a society that systematically  disenfranchises women."

  • Morgan Trevett, Georgetown University

"My internship with the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women taught me how bodies within the state government can act as a voice for the people and advocate for their interests.  As an intern, I felt that I played a significant role in the mission of the MCSW, and acquired the skills necessary to be effective in an office setting.  Above all, I obtained a deeper understanding for the issues that women across the Commonwealth still face every day, and the strong network of women’s commissions and organizations that are dedicated to combating them through services and political representation. The MCSW is a testament to how much women in Massachusetts have achieved and the work that we will continue to put in to close the gender gap."

  • Sophie Zamarripa, Tufts University

"My internship at the MCSW has provided me with incredible and useful skills for doing work to advance women in the future. This internship strengthened my ability to communicate with others to advance equality, and was a great way to get to know peers who are interested in doing some of the same things that I am. This experience provided me with a background and a foundation on the current progression of women’s rights through legislation and advocacy."

  • Jordan Moskwiak, University of Tennessee

"My time with the MCSW was invaluable. It gave me the opportunity to see what the inner workings of a commission are and to do so alongside other young women who are equally as passionate about women’s rights as I am. Because of this internship, I am now more confident than ever that I want to be involved in some capacity with advocating on behalf of women in the future."

  • Alexis Serino, Tufts University

"The MCSW provides its interns with eye-opening and hands-on experience with the legislative process. During my internship, I was able to attend multiple hearings on our sponsored bills; most notably, I witnessed the enactment of one of our priority pieces of legislation, the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (H3680). I also gained valuable legislative research skills, as one of my main projects for the summer was to research and draft testimony for An Act Establishing Just Schedules for Employees (H3144). The work I have done at the Commission has given me invaluable skills that I will certainly use in my future career and, throughout my time here, my passion for women’s issues has only grown stronger."

  • Sarah Chin, Tufts University 

"Interning at MCSW was my first foray into state government and it couldn’t have been a better experience. As a small organization, interns are given a lot of responsibility, as well as the opportunity to do important and meaningful work. Not only did I hone my professional skills, but I learned so much about the challenges facing women in Massachusetts. It was incredibly inspiring to work in an office where everyone is so committed to fighting for gender equality."




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