Judicial and Clerks' Ethics Opinions

A listing of recently released ethics opinions for judges and court clerks.

Recent Judicial Ethics Opinions

CJE Opinion No. 2018-03
Disclosure of Former Facebook Friendship

CJE Opinion No. 2018-02
Communications with Successor Counsel

CJE Opinion No. 2018-01
Working for a Closely-Hold Family Business


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Recent Clerks' Ethics Opinions

Opinion 2019-1
First Assistant Clerk-Magistrate's serving as an after-hours Bail Magistrate in county where spouse is an Assistant District Attorney

Opinion 2018-5
Inquiring whether it is appropriate to establish a GoFundMe fund to support a personal cause of a Clerk-Magistrate

Opinion 2018-4
Inquiring whether it is appropriate to continue to serve as Chair of the Parade Committee

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