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Learn about consolidated child support payments

If you have more than one employee with a Massachusetts child support order, you may consolidate your payments to DOR into a single check.

Send the following information with your first consolidated payment:

  • The Employer Remittance Form (ERF). The ERF, which we will send you, lists all employees for whom you are currently sending payments. Add information about any additional employees whose payments you wish to send to us.

  • Adequate Documentation. If you don't have an ERF, you must provide the names, addresses, Social Security numbers of the employees, parents receiving support, and the names of all dependents. You may include this information on the Child Support Case Information Form, and we will send an ERF to you for future payments. NOTE: If you make payments by EFT we will not send you ERFs. If you don't use EFT, and don't wish to receive ERFs, contact our Employer Services Unit and we will honor your request.

  • Income Withholding Order. Forward a copy of the most recent income withholding order for any employee whose income withholding order was not previously payable through DOR.

If you don't provide enough information to identify the employee(s) for whom you are making child support payments, we won't be able to process the payments correctly. You may be held responsible for reimbursing DOR for any payments that are processed incorrectly. If you are currently sending payments to the parent receiving support, you must continue to do so until you have given us enough information about the child support order to process the payments correctly.

Other points about consolidated payments:

  • Make checks payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  • Mail checks to: DOR, P.O. Box 55140, Boston, MA 02205-5140.

  • If this is the first time you are sending in a payment for a particular employee, enclose a copy of the income withholding order, and all other necessary information (the name and Social Security number for each employee and the amount being remitted).

  • If you are sending in more money than is due, state on the ERF that the money is for a future payment.

  • If you receive an income withholding order from another state, you must send payments to that state's child support payment processing center. You may not consolidate child support payable to another state into the check you send to DOR.

  • If you are sending payments to more than one address, e.g. to DOR and another state, you must allocate across all the child support orders so that no order remains unpaid.

We look forward to working with you to get child support payments to children and families on time. If you have any questions

  • call our Employer Services Unit at (800) 332-2733 (local callers, 617-660-1234)

  • fax us at 617-887-7560, or

  • email us.

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