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Learn about suspended or excluded MassHealth providers

Some providers may be suspended or excluded from working with MassHealth. Learn more about how and why.

Individuals and entities suspended or excluded from participating in MassHealth are identified in the list posted below. They are listed according to the provider type at the time of such action.

Reasons for suspension or exclusion

Providers may be suspended or excluded due to: 

  • Not complying with participatory requirements of the MassHealth program
  • Being excluded under Medicare
  • Suspension of exclusion by any other state Medicaid agency
  • An inactive, terminated, suspended, or revoked license or authorization to provide services
  • Conviction of health care fraud
  • Pleading guilty to or being convicted of criminal activity materially related to Medicare or Medicaid
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services initiates an action that is binding on a provider's participation in the Medicaid program

List of suspended and excluded providers

MassHealth updates the list of suspended or excluded providers on a monthly basis.

See below for the list.


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