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Licensed Site Professional Definitions

Find definitions to common LSP terms.
Term Definition

A LSP with an active license in good standing.

Administrative Penalty

A monetary fine imposed by the Board for violations of G.L. c. 21A, §§19-19J, the Board’s regulations, or any order issued by the Board.

Case on Appeal

The Board has filed formal disciplinary charges against a LSP, and the case is on appeal. During the appeal, the LSP is given an opportunity to prove that the facts do not support the Board’s charges. At the conclusion of the appeal, discipline may or may not be imposed upon the licensee.

Complaint Under Investigation

A disciplinary complaint has been filed against a LSP, and an investigation has yet to be concluded. The existence of a complaint under investigation is not necessarily an indication that the LSP has acted inappropriately. At the conclusion of the investigation into the allegations in the complaint, the Board may dismiss the complaint or may determine that sufficient grounds exist to warrant bringing formal disciplinary charges against the licensee.

Expiration Date

The date on which a current, active LSP's license will expire unless it is renewed, or, for former LSP's, the date on which their right to provide professional services as an LSP ended.

Final Action

The action taken on the date specified was the final action taken by the Board with respect to that disciplinary Complaint. An action that was a Final Action is indicated with a "YES" in the Final Action column. A "NO" means that the Board took or may take subsequent actions on that particular disciplinary Complaint.

Immediate Suspension

A LSP's license has been immediately suspended, until the conclusion of an appeal. During the suspension period, the licensee may not act as, advertise as, or hold himself or herself out to be an LSP. At the end of the appeal, the Board will issue a final decision that may or may not include additional discipline.  


An LSP may be on Inactive Status for up to two years.  An LSP may not act as, advertise as, or hold him or herself out to be an LSP while on inactive status.


An individual who once was an LSP, but is no longer due to nonrenewal of his/her license.

Public Censure

A public disciplinary action that constitutes a formal expression of disapproval by the Board regarding actions taken by the LSP at one or more disposal sites.


An LSP whose license has been terminated by the Board as the result of a disciplinary action.  This individual is no longer licensed to practice as a LSP.


An LSP, who surrenders his /her license pursuant to a written agreement with the Board to resolve a disciplinary complaint, is no longer licensed to practice as an LSP.


An LSP whose license has been suspended by the Board as the result of a disciplinary action may not act as, advertise as, or hold him or herself out to be an LSP.

Suspended - Fees

An LSP whose license is suspended because he/she failed to pay the Annual Fee to maintain his/her license.


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