Lifeline Services

The Lifeline Program provides a monthly benefit to reduce or eliminate the cost of one communications service for qualified households.

The Lifeline Program provides a monthly discount on one communications service from a certified Lifeline service provider.  Currently, Lifeline subscribers have the choice—where available—of applying their benefit discount to one of the following types of service offerings:

  • Home or wireless phone service; or
  • Home internet or a wireless phone data plan.

Some Lifeline service providers may offer a bundled package of home or wireless phone service with internet access.

To learn how to apply for a discounted communications service through the Lifeline Program, please click here.

Minimum Service Standards

The Federal Communications Commission has established minimum service standards to make sure supported services keep pace with the ever-changing digital landscape.  These service standards will be evaluated each year to ensure the continued support of robust and meaningful internet connectivity.

The chart below outlines the minimum service standards as of December 1, 2020:

Mobile Voice

Mobile Internet (Data Plan)

Home Internet

Usage Allowance: 1,000 Minutes

Usage Allowance: 4.5 GB 

Speed: 3G                      

Usage Allowance: 1024 GB 

Speed: 25/3 Mbps


Please note: the minimum service standard ONLY applies to the discounted communications service.

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