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Mass Animal Fund Laws

On October 31, 2012, the Homeless Animal Prevention and Care Fund (Massachusetts Animal Fund) was established by Chapter 193 of the Acts of 2012.

M.G.L Chapter 10, Section 35WW. Created the Mass Animal Fund through the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources and established its mission to prevent animal homelessness by providing spay/neuter/vaccinations for homeless cats/dogs, spay/neuter/vaccinations for cats/dogs owned by low-income residents of Massachusetts, and by providing animal control officer training.

This law also states that the Mass Animal Fund will receive revenue from voluntary donations on the Massachusetts State Income Tax Form as well as from public and private sources such as gifts, grants and donations to further reduce the population of homeless animals. Any remaining funds at the end of any fiscal year, do not get reverted into the General Fund, and remain available to the Mass Animal Fund for subsequent fiscal years.

M.G.L. Chapter 62, Section 6M. Established that individuals can voluntarily donate to the Mass Animal Fund when filing their tax return.

Chapter 193 of the Acts of 2012, Section 53. Established the Mass Animal Fund Advisory Committee to assist with establishing procedures for the utilization of revenue received. Members of the Advisory Committee receive no compensation from the Mass Animal Fund. Appointed by the Governor, the Advisory Committee consists of: 1 member from a humane society, animal rescue or sheltering organization; 1 animal control officer or representative of an association organized in the commonwealth for animal control officers; 1 veterinarian or member of a veterinary medical association organized in the commonwealth; 1 member of the general public with an interest in the well-being of domestic animals and 1 representative of a national pet industry trade association.

M.G.L. Chapter 140, Section 151C. Established that subject to the availability of funds, The Mass Animal Fund shall provide a training course for animal control officers.

Chapter 193 of the Acts of 2012, Section 51. Established that animal control officers need to complete the training course established under section 151C of chapter 140 of the General Laws within 12 months of hire or within 24 months of the effective date of this Act, provided that funds are available.