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Mass BizWorks frequently asked questions



What is Massachusetts BizWorks ?

Massachusetts BizWorks  is a federal and state collaboration designed to enhance and align the services offered to Massachusetts businesses. It simplifies and coordinates efforts among agencies that work with businesses.  You don't have to contact multiple agencies to take advantage of the Commonwealth's resources.  Just contact BizWorks, and you'll be connected to a variety of services.  

How can Massachusetts BizWorks  help my business?

BizWorks can help your company meet business needs. Over the years, we have helped thousands of companies in Massachusetts take advantage of our programs and services. Many companies have grown and survived, and thousands of jobs have been saved through the services provided through BizWorks.  Read these business scenarios.  

How can I find out more about programs and services? 

The programs and services most helpful for the three main business modes are listed:  Company Resources for Business Growth or ExpansionMaintenance and Downsizing.  They range from recruitment and hiring, training grants, tax credits, tax incentives, layoff aversion and more.   

How can I contact BizWorks ?  

You can contact BizWorks by completing the form here


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