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Mass Care and Shelter Coordination Plan

The Massachusetts Statewide Mass Care and Shelter Coordination Plan (Plan) establishes a framework for the Commonwealth and other supporting agencies and organizations to successfully implement the state’s shelter strategy.

The purpose of this Plan is to facilitate a shared vision for the mass care and shelter process in the Commonwealth, and to serve as a guide to implement the state’s shelter strategy which is intended to help increase overall mass care and shelter capabilities, improve mass care and shelter related information sharing between local and state government, identify a process to assist communities when they are overwhelmed, and better coordinate and allocate mass care and shelter resources throughout the Commonwealth.

Guidance for Mass Care Operations in a Pandemic Environment

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has developed guidance to address changes to, and additional requirements for, the provision of mass care in a pandemic environment. Although this guidance was developed during the Spring 2020 COVID-19 response and incorporates lessons learned, guidance specific to COVID-19, and best practices from that response, it was intentionally developed to provide guidance for use in any pandemic.