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Massachusetts-Assigned Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

A Massachusetts-Assigned Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is used for certificate of title and vehicle registration purposes and is considered the vehicle's identifying number after assignment.


A Massachusetts-assigned Vehicle Identification Number will be issued for the following:

  • Vehicles with a missing or destroyed vehicle identification number

  • Vehicles with a new motor

  • Replica vehicles

  • Specially-constructed vehicles

  • Street rods

  • Custom vehicles

  • Glider kits

  • Kit cars

  • Homemade trailers with a gross vehicle weight rating greater than 3,000 pounds

A Massachusetts-assigned Vehicle Identification Number contains the prefix "MA" and five digits. The Vehicle Identification Number is issued on a pressurized decal with adhesive backing and tamper-proof features. Each decal carries a control number for accountability purposes.

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Replacement of VIN

To make an appointment to have a Massachusetts-assigned Vehicle Identification Number affixed to a vehicle, a customer should call the Massachusetts State Police Salvage Title section.

Prior to the scheduled appointment, the customer must visit an RMV Service Center and present the following:

1.  A completed Application for Replacement of Vehicle Identification Number

2.  Fee for affixing a Massachusetts-assigned Vehicle Identification Number. 

At the time of the scheduled appointment, the customer must bring the following documentation to the inspection site:

  • 2 copies of the application for replacement of Vehicle Identification Number

  • The original receipt of fee payment from the RMV Service Center

  • Ownership documents, including:

    • Manufacturer’s certificate of origin if the kit is new

    • Certificate of title if the vehicle is used or if chassis is used

    • If applicable, receipts showing proof of acquisition of all major component parts used to restore the vehicle. In case of used parts, the receipts must contain the Vehicle Identification Number of the vehicle from which the parts were taken

Massachusetts-assigned Vehicle Identification Numbers are assigned and affixed to the vehicle by the State Police at any Massachusetts salvage inspection site by appointment only. The State Police will inspect the vehicle to ensure the vehicle and any parts used to restore the vehicle are not stolen and whether the vehicle is eligible for a Massachusetts-assigned Vehicle Identification Number.