Massachusetts pond maps (list view)

Search MassWildlife’s pond maps, to get information on bathymetry (pond depth), along with shore and boat access, and the types of fish found in the pond.

Click here to view pond maps by location.

Using the pond map list

Click on the name of a waterbody below for a map that provides approximate boundaries and depths of ponds and lakes with public access.

Additional information

All ponds on this list allow public access. Pond maps show approximate boundaries and depth.

  • Don’t forget your fishing license - available online at MassFishHunt, at MassWildlife offices, or at license vendors.
  • Pond maps contain information on stocking, public access, fish species, and a bathymetric (depth) map. Bathymetric maps are extremely useful to anglers, as different fish species often associate with specific underwater features. For example, bass prefer steep drop-offs and submerged plateaus, while trout spend time in deeper, colder water.
  • Recently MassWildlife began updating bathymetric maps using new technology that renders underwater terrain with 100 times the precision of the original maps. Anglers who ice fish or fish from shore will find these maps useful when personal depth finders cannot be used.
  • If you cannot find a particular pond map, contact the town recreation department or conservation commission where the pond is located. In some cases, MassWildlife District offices may have information on other ponds not listed.
  • MassWildlife Pond Maps contain approximate boundaries and depths. Please use these maps at your own risk.
  • Use the FBA Facility Viewer to get directions to the boat ramp or fishing pier as well as information on public boating access types and parking facilities on ponds, lakes, and rivers.


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