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MassDOT internship descriptions

MassDOT provides the exposure, experience, and preparation for interns to leverage their passions through professional development and service to the Commonwealth.

Internship opportunities are available in the following business areas:

Highway Engineering

The Engineering Internship provides an opportunity to gain hands-on transportation experience in Highway departments such as Planning, Engineering Design, Operations & Maintenance, Project Management, Asset Management, Project Controls & Performance Management of Roadway Construction, or Bridge & Tunnel Projects.

Highway Operations

As an Operations intern, you will gain real world experience in the front line operations work that keeps our roads safe every day. This opportunity will allow you to see how the professional workforce carries out the important work of issuing permits, collecting traffic data, accident recovery, administering the E-ZPass MA program and more.

Registry of Motor Vehicles

This position allows interns to learn about the business operations vital to RMV services. Interns will learn about the wide variety of transactions completed on a daily basis and gain hands on government organizational knowledge while assisting the residents of the Commonwealth.

Planning & Enterprise Services

This business area includes all of the operational departments needed for MassDOT. Internship opportunities are available in a variety of areas including:

  • IT
  • Human Resources
  • Transportation Planning
  • General Services (Facilities Management)
  • Fiscal & Audit
  • Legal

Rail & Transit

The Rail & Transit Division partners with organizations and Regional Transportation Authorities to provide safe transportation options throughout the Commonwealth. Interns will learn about the transportation systems outside of Boston by assisting with the analysis of transit project data and monitoring transportation services.


The Aeronautics Division works with the municipal airports throughout the Commonwealth to provide safe air travel. Interns will help collect & analyze data, research new operational methods and develop policies around cutting edge technology like drones.