MDAR State Apiaries

The MDAR Apiary Program has collaborated with the UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture and the Essex Agricultural and Technical High School to create two state apiaries in the Commonwealth with the goal of promoting honey bee health.

The State Apiaries are maintained through a collaborative effort of the MDAR Apiary Program inspectors and interns along with the students, farm managers and faculty members on each campus. Each apiary consists of 5+ honey bee colonies setup on wooden stands in an enclosed area located adjacent to food and pollinator gardens. The apiaries are surrounded by solar powered electric fences (to deter animals and safety barrier for visitors).

The purpose of the apiaries are to serve as vessels for education, outreach demonstrations and research related to agricultural sustainability, pollination, honey bee health and hive management. These apiaries are also considered to be critical components of each campus by providing valuable pollination services to the farms cultivated acreage of crops, gardens, trees and wildflowers. Given the ability to do live, in-hive demonstrations onsite, these apiaries are also important tools for providing outreach education to beekeepers, students, farmers, land managers, and the public on topics related to honey bees and agriculture.

2019 Honey Bee Education Days at State Apiaries

Are you interested in learning more about honey bees, their health and colony management techniques?

Join the Bee Team from the Department of Agricultural Resources Apiary Program to get a tour of live working honey bee colonies, hands-on demonstrations of hive management techniques, and exposure to the latest knowledge on how to best sustain healthy honey bee colonies in Massachusetts. These events are free and open to the public, but will focus on topics of interest to beekeepers. Registration is not necessary to attend. Participants must bring protective clothing (i.e. bee suit and/or bee veil with long pants and closed toed shoes) as it will not be provided and is required to enter the apiary. The dates, topics, time, and locations for the events are as listed below. Note that the same program will be offered on each date and time at both apiary locations, unless listed otherwise. Alternate dates will be provided in the event of inclement weather.   

Dates - Topics:

  • Saturday, April 13th – Winter Evaluation and Spring Management Part 1 – NOW BOTH LOCATIONS!
  • Saturday, May 11th – Spring Management Part 2
  • Saturday, May 18th – Queen Workshop I Amherst Location Only!
  • Saturday, May 25th – Queen Workshop II Amherst Location Only!
  • Saturday, June 8th – Summer Management
  • Saturday, July 13th – Pests, Parasites and Pathogens
  • Saturday, August 10th – Fall Management Part 1
  • Saturday, September 14th – Fall Management Part 2
  • Saturday, September 21st – Honey Extraction – 10am-2pm; Danvers Location Only – Meet at Red Building M (Landscape Equipment Building) in Parking Lot H!
  • Saturday, October 12th – Winter Prep

Time: 10 am-noon


1. UMass Agricultural Learning Center (ALC) Farm, 911 North Pleasant St., Amherst, MA  01002

2. Essex Agricultural and Technical High School, 565 Maple St., Danvers, MA  01923

2019 Honey Bee Education Days at State Apiaries