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MIIS information for parents and patients

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Answers to some of the frequently asked questions

What is the Massachusetts Immunization Information System?
The Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS), also called an immunization registry, is a confidential, web-based system that collects and stores vaccination (shot) records for Massachusetts residents of all ages. The MIIS is operated by the Immunization Division at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and helps you, along with your healthcare providers, schools, and childcare centers, to keep track of the shots that you or your children have received.

Why is the MIIS important?
The schedule of shots that you and your family need to stay healthy and that are required for you or your children to go to school, daycare, camp, college and work becomes more complicated with every new vaccine introduced. Keeping all your shot records in one place helps to make sure that you and your children get the complete schedule of immunizations - no more and no less.

What information about me or my children will be entered into the MIIS?
The shots that you or your children have already received and any shots that you or your children get in the future will be entered into the MIIS. Other information, including mother's name (for individuals under 18 years of age), gender, and the provider office where each shot is given will be included in the registry to be sure that your records are accurate and cannot be confused with another patient's record. Your address will also be included in the system to allow your healthcare provider to send you a card to remind you when you or your children are due for an immunization. All the information in the MIIS is secure and confidential.

All residents of Massachusetts have the right to limit who may see their or their child’s information in the MIIS.   If you prefer that your or your child’s immunization history not be shared with other healthcare providers who use the MIIS, you must complete the MIIS Objection (or Withdrawal of Objection) Form. If you change your mind, you can fill out the same form to have your or your child's immunization information shared in the MIIS.

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