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Monitoring Streamflow

The Division of Ecological Restoration (DER) has streamgaging stations across the state to monitor streamflow.

How DER monitors streamflow

DER has streamgaging stations across the state. At each streamgaging station, water level is continuously recorded and logged by a pressure transducer and/or is manually read from a staff gage by volunteers. DER  staff make a series of streamflow (discharge) measurements at low, medium, and high flows. We use the relationship between these measurements and the corresponding water level (gage depth) to establish rating curves. We regularly visit all sites to check the accuracy of the rating curve and update it if the river has changed enough to affect the curve. DER manages a website where you can view all streamflow data of our current and past monitoring sites. 

More information about our methods may be found by reading the RIFLS Quality Assurance Project Plan and in the U.S. EPA's Best Practices for Continuous Monitoring of Temperature and Flow in Wadeable Streams.

If you would like to start a new monitoring project or volunteer to read a staff gage, please contact us at 617-626-1544 or

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