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Municipal Mapper

"MuniMapper" is a customized web map that MassGIS can create for any city and town in the Commonwealth.



Municipal Mapper ("MuniMapper" for short) is a mapping tool created by MassGIS for individual communities. Each MuniMapper features the name and logo for the community and displays a map for that specific community.

MuniMapper provides access to a selection of map information from the MassGIS statewide repository that is specifically relevant to cities and towns. MuniMapper provides basic capabilities for displaying, searching, and sharing map information relevant to municipalities. Of particular interest to assessors, MuniMapper includes an abutter identification capability. Users can also download data for use in a GIS.

Some MuniMapper tools and layers are not available for every municipality. If a community has local data such as Zoning districts or overlays in a Shapefile format, those layers can be added to the MuniMapper. Many communities are using this exclusively in-house for staff, but several communities have posted the link on their websites to allow for citizen viewing of the mapped data.

Check out one of the towns that is getting quite a bit of use out of its MuniMapper, has it posted to the website and has added custom local data.

What do I need to run MuniMapper?

MuniMapper is run through a web browser. At this time, MuniMapper fully works in most modern browsers. We recommend using the latest versions of these browsers.

Contact Paul Nutting for more information.