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MVP Action Grant

Learn more about the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Action Grant

The MVP Action Grant Request for Responses (RFR) has closed. Next round expected spring 2021.

The MVP Action Grant offers financial resources to municipalities that are seeking to advance priority climate adaptation actions to address climate change impacts resulting from extreme weather, sea level rise, inland and coastal flooding, severe heat, and other climate impacts.

Responses to the RFR may be submitted by municipalities who have received designation from the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) as a Climate Change Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Community (“MVP Community”). All projects are required to provide monthly updates, project deliverables, a final project report, and a brief project summary communicating lessons learned. The municipality is also required to match 25% of total project cost using cash or in-kind contributions. All proposals must include the following:

  • Completed application template
  • Project scope and budget
  • MVP yearly progress report describing any relevant work toward advancing community priorities since earning MVP designation
  • Statement of match
  • Letters of support from landowner (if applicable), partners, and the public
  • A "Design and Construction" attachment, if applicable (see RFR for details)

What are the MVP core principles?

Program principles include:

  1. Furthering a community identified priority action to address climate change impacts. 
  2. Utilizing best available climate change data for a proactive solution.
  3. Employing nature-based solutions.
  4. Involving Environmental Justice Populations in meaningful decision-making, as defined and outlined in the 2017 EEA EJ Policy, and giving special consideration to Climate Vulnerable Populations.
  5. Achieving broad and multiple community benefits.
  6. Committing to monitoring project success and maintaining the project into the future.
  7. Utilizing regional solutions toward regional benefit.
  8. Pursuing approaches from which other MVP communities and the state can learn.

Project types include:

  1. Planning, Assessments, and Regulatory Updates- This project type provides municipalities with the opportunity to employ MVP core principles to:
    • Identify, inventory, assess, and prioritize people, places, resources, and/or critical facilities or infrastructure that may be impacted by climate change in order to propose strategies for improving resiliency.
    • Develop and formally adopt planning documents and regulations that encourage climate change adaptation.
    • Develop and implement plans that will increase social resiliency and public health
  2. Nature-based Solutions for Ecological and Public Health- This project type uses MVP core principles to protect, restore, or manage an ecological system to safeguard public health and clean water, increase natural hazard resilience, and/or sequester carbon. 
  3. Resilient Redesigns and Retrofits for Critical Facilities and Infrastructure- This project type utilizes MVP core principles to address vulnerable, critical community facilities or infrastructure that provide broad community benefit. Projects must be designed with explicit consideration of the criticality of the asset, the anticipated lifespan and maintenance needs of the asset, and climate change data.

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