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Older landfills were often located in wetland areas. Sometimes they accepted waste from businesses and industries. These wastes could contaminate groundwater, wetlands and streams. Below are summaries of landfill NRD settlements.

Charles George Landfill Superfund Site NRD Settlement

In 1992, Trustees settled NRD claims with the responsible parties at the Charles George Reclamation Trust Landfill Superfund Site for $1,353,440.  From 1955 through 1976, the landfill accepted residential then commercial, industrial, and hazardous wastes.

High levels of heavy metals were measured in brooks, wetlands, and  Flint Pond.   These metals included chromium, zinc, arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead, and mercury, and zinc.   Volatile organic compounds and metals contaminated groundwater.

In 2002, the Trustees released a Restoration Plan/Environmental Assessment.  Following public review and comment, the Trustees selected restoration projects:

  • protect 258 acres of wildlife habitat (MassWildlife)
  • restore early-successional habitat and rare species in the Dunstable Brook Wildlife Management Area
  • river herring and shad stocking and monitoring in the Concord River
  • repairs to Upper Flint Pond Dam to prevent downstream sediment release

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Sutton Brook Disposal Area Superfund Site NRD Settlement

In 2010, Trustees settled NRD claims with responsible parties at the Sutton Brook Disposal Area Superfund Site. The $1.65 million is for groundwater and ecological resource restoration.

From 1957 through 1988, the landfill accepted waste from residents, then from businesses and industries. This waste contaminated groundwater, Sutton Brook, and wetlands with volatile chemicals and heavy metals.

A Restoration Plan/Environmental Assessment will be prepared for public review and comment.

The Trustee Council includes MassDEP and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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Rubchinuk Settlement

From the 1970's until 1989, illegal disposal of construction and demolition debris occurred at the Rubchinuk Landfill in Middleton. Through Orders issued by Suffolk Superior Court in 1989 and 1991, the landfill was capped and closed. The MA NRD Trust also received $747,000 by Court Order in 2010.

The Court specified that the funds benefit Essex County communities with Environmental Justice (EJ) neighborhoods and create “pocket parks,” recreational amenities, and community gardens.

In 2012, MassDEP awarded grants to the following projects:

  • Burnham's Field Restoration in Gloucester

  • Spicket River and Facella Lot Restoration in Lawrence

  • Ward Street Pocket Park in Salem

All three projects have been completed.

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