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NHESP Jobs & Opportunities

Postings of full-time, part-time, contract and seasonal positions, as well as internship and volunteer opportunities.

Available Positions

Endangered Species Review Biologist (Conservation Biologist III) 
The Endangered Species Review Biologist provides guidance to project proponents and their consultants on the legal requirements of Massachusetts Endangered Species Act (MESA) and rare species provisions of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (WPA), including the requirements for obtaining Conservation & Management Permits to authorize the “take” of rare species, and negotiate permit terms to avoid, minimize and mitigate impacts. The Endangered Species Review Biologist also follows-up on issued permits and ensures compliance with permit conditions, as needed.

NHESP GIS Manager (Conservation Biologist III) 
The Natural Heritage GIS Manager supports the spatial data development, management, and analysis needs of the Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program (NHESP). The GIS Manager is responsible for providing support to the Natural Heritage staff for species habitat and range mapping, creation of electronic and hard copy maps, and assistance in the transition into more advanced GIS software. The GIS Manager maintains the Natural Heritage Program’s spatial data layers and coordinates with data staff to integrate data from the NHESP database into the GIS systems used by NHESP staff. This includes performing periodic software upgrades and helping to customize spatial data for new uses. The GIS Manager facilitates Natural Heritage staff usage of spatial data and GIS systems. 

Internship & Volunteer Announcements

There are no opportunities available at this time.

Biological Surveys, Research, and Testing Contracts

From time to time we seek out qualified vendors to perform a variety of biological surveys, research and testing throughout the state. Documents available through the link under Additional Resources below may be required; please see individual opportunity requirements for details.

There are no opportunities available at this time.

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