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One Care Background Information

See below for background information about the development of One Care.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) Office of Medicaid (MassHealth) is developing a new program to integrate Medicare and Medicaid for individuals who are eligible for both programs (Dual Eligibles). 

MassHealth's initiative to integrate care and financing for Dual Eligible adults ages 21-64 is a fundamental component of a broader effort in Massachusetts to transform its health care system by restructuring how care is delivered and how providers are reimbursed.

Massachusetts' reform efforts include initiatives to develop patient-centered medical homes, bundled payments, accountable care organizations (ACOs), and pending state legislation to promote a multi-payer transition to the use of ACOs and alternative payment methodologies. Through these initiatives, Massachusetts seeks to ensure access to appropriate services, integrate comprehensive services at the person level, improve care coordination across the health care and long term support delivery systems, and create payment systems that hold providers accountable for the care they deliver. Massachusetts aims to reward quality care, improve health outcomes, and more effectively spend health care dollars.

MassHealth is developing a new Integrated Care model for Dual Eligible adults ages 21-64 for statewide implementation. Through a demonstration with the federal government, (see the Grants and Demonstrations section for the Design Contract) MassHealth proposes to combine Medicare and Medicaid funding for Dual Eligibles. MassHealth then expects to procure contracts with entities to integrate comprehensive care at the person level, and provide both MassHealth and Medicare funded services. By combining Medicare and Medicaid funding, MassHealth proposes to offer a broader menu of services that will better meet the needs of the population in the most cost effective way. The contracted entities would be evaluated based on a comprehensive set of quality metrics that will be developed to assess performance.

MassHealth proposes to assume complete operational responsibility for the care of this population - comparable to its responsibility for its MassHealth-only membership - including the administration, management and oversight of all Medicare-funded and Medicaid-funded services. This model would significantly improve the alignment of financial incentives and improve provider accountability by making a Global Payment for all Medicare and Medicaid services, a broader continuum of behavioral health services, and Community Support Services. Under the proposed model, MassHealth believes this unprecedented level of integration is necessary to achieve better health outcomes for this population and to provide higher quality, more cost effective, person-centered care.