Order the audio of a Land Court proceeding

All court sessions are recorded by the court.

For court sessions that took place after June 30, 2016

Audio is available via an on-line request to the audio vendor, "For the Record", at the site us.court.fm.  The site will prompt you to set up an account and place an order.  The information necessary to place an order includes the courthouse name, case name, docket number, date of the event, courtroom number, and the event start and end time.  The order will be processed, and if approved, on-line digital access will be provided as soon as the credit card payment is received.  As of November 1, 2016, the cost for this audio is $10.00 per day, per case.

For court sessions that took place before June 30, 2016

Copies of in-court proceedings can be obtained my making a request to the Recorder’s Office using the “CD Copy Request Order Form” linked below.  You can print and then complete the top portion of the form to request a CD copy of the proceeding that you are interested in.  That form can be dropped off or mailed with a check (made out to the Land Court) at 3 Pemberton Square, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02108.  If you prefer to pick up the CD when it has been copied, the cost is $50.50, and if you prefer to have the court mail the CD to you, the cost is $53.00.

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