Parking Policies and Procedures - McCormack & Lindemann Buildings

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To provide orderly and safe parking in the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) Parking Facilities for authorized personnel and visitors. To avoid confusion related to parking and the acquisition of parking privileges. To set forth the rules, regulations and responsibilities of persons authorized to park in DCAMM Parking Facilities and their sponsoring agencies.


Agency Liaison - The person designated by a department head to communicate with DCAMM on behalf of the Agency for parking related inquiries or needs.

Authorized Parkers – Agency employees, contractors, and visitors who have been designated by their respective Agency Liaison to have parking privileges in a DCAMM Parking Facility.

Damage (to vehicles or personal property) - Scrapes, dents, stains, broken glass, etc., that occurs as a result of a vehicle being parked, or personal property being held within a DCAMM Parking Facility.

DCAMM Parking Facility(ies) - A parking facility owned by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and managed by DCAMM.

DCAMM Parking Violation – Warnings sent to Authorized Parkers and Agency Liaisons when improper parking is observed at a DCAMM Parking Facility. Violations are issued by DCAMM Security and recorded in a managed data base.

DCAMM Security – DCAMM employees, or security personnel contracted by DCAMM, who manage, implement, and enforce building security and parking access procedures for DCAMM Parking Facilities.

Handicapped Accessible Parking Space - Any space marked with a Handicapped Parking (HP) sign that is specifically designated for use by Authorized Parkers with a valid HP placard.

ID Access Card - A photo ID card issued by DCAMM to facility occupants and contractors that provides entry and exit through access-controlled doorways.

Improper Parking – The use of a DCAMM Parking Facility in such a way as to disrupt normal operations or in contradiction of established procedures. This includes parking in marked “No Parking” or “Fire Lane” areas. Also included is the use of an area that is not marked as an authorized parking space or parking in such a way as to impede the use of another authorized space.

Loss - The theft of misplacement of a vehicle or personal property within a DCAMM Parking Facility.

Parking Allocations – The number of parking spaces available to each Agency using a DCAMM Parking Facility.

Parking Reservation System – An application that allows Authorized Parkers to reserve the use of an Agency’s Allocated parking spaces in a DCAMM Parking Facility.

Temporary Parking - The limited number of spaces that DCAMM makes available for employees or visitors who are not Authorized Parkers.

The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) allows Authorized Parkers to use DCAMM Parking Facilities. The use of a DCAMM issued ID Access Card will be required for admittance into a DCAMM Parking Facility.  Unauthorized vehicles in any DCAMM Parking Facility will be removed at the owner’s expenseViolations of DCAMM parking policy or procedures may result in administrative or disciplinary sanctions, to include, but not limited to, loss of parking privileges.

Assignment of Parking

DCAMM will assign each agency in the McCormack building a limited number of parking spaces.  Agency Liaisons are responsible for assigning all parking spaces allocated to their agencies by DCAMM. Agency Liaisons shall make any requests for parking to DCAMM Security in writing. Agency Liaisons are responsible to determine the needs of their employees with disabilities and to meet those needs through the agency’s parking allocation.  DCAMM will provide ID card authorization to operate the garage doors.

It is the responsibility of the Agency Liaison to provide a vehicle registration number for each person who is an Authorized Parker. The Agency is also responsible for keeping DCAMM informed as employees leave State service.

DCAMM will reconcile the parking information with each Agency Liaison on an annual basis to ensure that all information is up-to-date and accurate.

Temporary Parking – Saltonstall Garage (100 Cambridge Street, Boston) - Updated: August 12, 2020

To accommodate agencies and constitutional offices requiring temporary parking in the Government Center area, limited Temporary and Visitor Parking is available for persons conducting Commonwealth business or conducting business with agents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

DCAMM provides limited, temporary parking whenever possible for use by occupant agencies, constitutional offices, and their visitors.  Arrangements for Temporary Parking must be made between the DCAMM Parking Administrator and the Agency’s Parking Liaison pursuant to procedures set forth below. These temporary spaces are not intended to be used to augment permanent agency parking.

All Agency parking requests for Temporary Parking must be submitted by the Agency’s Parking Liaison to Requests for Temporary Parking must be made no less than 24-hours prior to the time for desired parking. Parking requests for Monday (or Tuesday, in the event of a Monday holiday) should be submitted before 2:00 P.M. the previous Friday. No individual is allowed to reserve and utilize this parking privilege more than five times in a month.

Due to the limited number of parking spaces, some requests may not be approved. All requests will be reviewed and approved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Individuals who are granted Temporary Parking in the Saltonstall Garage must follow these procedures:

  • • Enter the garage from Somerset Street and take a Parking Ticket at the gate.  If the garage is full, a valet will assist the visitor.
  • • No later than 3:30 p.m., go to Room 107 in the McCormack Building. DCAMM Staff will validate the ticket and provide a chaser ticket.
  • • When exiting the garage, the individual will insert the validated Parking Ticket, followed by the chaser ticket.

Individuals who fail to receive approval prior to entering the Saltonstall Garage will be responsible for any cost associated with its use.

Individuals who lose their original parking ticket, or the chaser ticket, will be responsible for any cost associated with using the Saltonstall Garage.

Overnight and Long-Term Parking

Authorized Parkers are expected to utilize the garage for official business only.  Requests for overnight or long-term parking for official business only must be submitted to the Agency Liaison.  Agency Liaisons will forward the request to DCAMM Security for approval. DCAMM will provide a timely answer to the Agency Liaison.  If approved the Agency Liaison will be informed of the location the vehicle may be parked in the garage.  The Agency Liaison will make arrangements with the vehicle owner to have access to the vehicle’s keys so that the vehicle can be moved in the event of  an emergency.

Entering and Exiting the McCormack Garage

All vehicles entering the garage are subject to search to without notice.  No Authorized Parker will gain access to, or exit, the garage except by the use of an ID Access Card. Drivers must present a valid Photo ID Access Card to security upon request. All passengers in a vehicle must possess a DCAMM-issued Photo ID Card. Those passengers without a Photo ID Card must exit the vehicle prior to entering the garage and proceed to the building’s public entrance

Parking Assignment

Each person authorized to park in the McCormack garage will have a reserved space or an unreserved space.   The reserved parking spaces are located on the first and second floors of the McCormack Garage.  Each reserved space is numbered and assigned to an individual person.  Parking in another individual’s assigned parking space may result in a Parking Violation and/or removal.  Additionally, the driver of the vehicle may be subject to loss of parking privileges and may face disciplinary or administrative sanctions.

The unreserved parking spaces are located on the third and fourth level of the McCormack Garage and are occupied on a “first come, first served” basis.

Parking Violations & Towing

DCAMM reserves the right to have vehicles that create a hazard to the facility, or its occupants, removed from DCAMM Parking Facilities. DCAMM reserves the right to have any vehicle that does not have the proper credentials displayed, and/or cannot be properly identified as an authorized vehicle, removed without warning. Such vehicles will be towed under DCAMM supervision and at the owners’ expense.

All drivers are expected to park in authorized lined parking spaces. If there are no available authorized parking spaces the driver is required to exit the garage and seek other parking.   Any person who fails to follow designated parking procedures may be given a Parking Violation from DCAMM or issued a Citation by the Massachusetts State Police. 

The following behaviors and actions include, but do not wholly comprise, Improper Parking that could result in a Parking Violation:

  • Parking in an area not clearly marked for parking.

Parking Violations

Any Citations/tickets issued by members of the Massachusetts State Police will be adjudicated according to the laws of the Commonwealth.

DCAMM Security may send notifications for vehicles found to be in violation of DCAMM parking policy.  DCAMM will maintain a list of all DCAMM parking violations and will provide names of parking violators to the appropriate Agency Liaison.   DCAMM Security will request that the Massachusetts State Police issue a citation for any vehicle found illegally parked in a handicapped space. The following guidelines are issued to address these violations:

  1. First violation: Authorized Parkers will be notified by DCAMM Security and made aware of the violation. The Authorized Parker will be informed to move the vehicle so that it is no longer improperly parked.
  2. Second Violation: Authorized Parkers will be notified by DCAMM Security and made aware of the violation. The Authorized Parker will be informed to move the vehicle so that it is no longer improperly parked, and a written notice will be sent to the Agency Liaison.
  3. Third Violation: Authorized Parkers will be notified by DCAMM Security and made aware of the violation. The Authorized Parker will be informed to move the vehicle so that it is no longer improperly parked, and a written notice will be sent to the Agency Liaison. In addition, the Agency Liaison will be informed that the third violation will be sent to the DCAMM Chief of Staff, or his/her designee, to review the matter and consider revocation of the Authorized Parker’s parking privileges.

Loss of or Damage to Vehicles or Personal Property in DCAMM Parking Facilities

DCAMM assumes no responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, vehicles parked, or personal property held, in a DCAMM Parking Facilities. By accepting privileges as an Authorized Parker in a DCAMM Parking Facility, the Authorized Parker agrees to save harmless the Commonwealth and its agents from any Loss or, or Damage to, a vehicle or personal property.

Any incident involving property damage or loss must be immediately reported to Security.  An incident report will be completed, and law enforcement notified if required.

Medical Emergencies in the Garage

Security will  respond to  requests for medical assistance anywhere in the McCormack Building  including the garage. Anyone who is a victim or witness to a medical emergency should attempt to contact 911 by cell phone.  Emergency call boxes are also located near the elevators on each level of the garage.  In the event of a medical emergency, pushing the button on the emergency call box will connect you with the McCormack building Control Center. Please provide the Control Center operator with the patient’s location and other information so that Security can respond and 911 contacted.

Handicapped Accessible Parking

Agencies can meet the needs of Authorized Parkers and employees in need of accommodations in a DCAMM Parking Facility by using marked Handicapped spaces. Agency Liaisons must send a writing request to DCAMM Security. Approved requests will have an available space deducted from the Agency’s parking allocation.

All Authorized Parkers using a marked Handicap Space must possess a valid placard or license plate.

Upon departure from State service, the Authorized Parker’s use of a Handicap Space will be discontinued, and the Agency’s allocation adjusted accordingly.

Bicycle Parking

DCAMM provides bicycle racks for the use of occupants who work in DCAMM-managed facilities or the State House.  Employees should use the bicycle racks provided on the first level of the parking garage. Additional bicycle parking is located outside of the building on the Plaza level

Except for areas comprising DCAMM Parking Facilities, employees shall not ride or walk a bicycle through a DCAMM managed facility to include its lobbies, corridors, or transported via elevator. Employees shall not park or store a bicycle in any building common space or office space.

Imputed Income

Covered parking for employees in DCAMM Parking Facilities is treated, for federal tax purposes, as a “qualified parking” benefit and, as such, Imputed Income may be added to an employee’s regular income.

Authorized Parkers should consult with their Human Resources department to determine applicability of Imputed Income to their specific parking situation. 

Electronic Vehicle Charging Policy (EVCP)

As of June 6, 2019 (the “Effective Date”)

The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) manages the parking garage located at the McCormack Building at One Ashburton Place, Boston, Massachusetts (“McCormack Garage” or “Facility”). DCAMM developed an interim Electronic Vehicle Charging Policy (as of January 2017), which was further revised in AUGUST 2017, reflecting guidance from EOEEA.  DCAMM is implementing a revised EVCP, commencing as of the Effective Date, to provide for utilization of its new ChargePoint Level 2 charging stations with SAE J1772 charge connections.

As of the Effective Date:

  1. EV Charging is available only to Commonwealth employees with McCormack Garage parking access.
  2. Level 1 charging using standard wall outlets (110v) is no longer available at the Facility.
  3. Level 2 charging on Floor 1 is assigned parking only.  Those not assigned to these spaces will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  4. Level 2 charging on Floor 3 is available on a first-come, first-served basis using the DCAMM-installed ChargePoint charging stations.
  5. Parking in ChargePoint charging station spaces (each, an “EV Space”) is for charging EV (BEV/PHEV) vehicles only. 
  6. Any non-EV vehicle parking in an EV Space will be removed at the owner’s expense.
  7. Owners of EV vehicles are encouraged to relocate their vehicle upon reaching a full state of charge if a non-EV Space is available.
  8. By utilizing an EV Space, the user understands and agrees that rates for EV charging are established by DCAMM and are subject to modification at any time and without notice.  The rate shall be the average unit rate for the Facility during the most recent previous calendar quarter.  Rates will be revised each subsequent calendar quarter consistent with this policy.

All payments are made through ChargePoint using the ChargePoint App or by using a ChargePoint card.  Drivers may obtain and register the ChargePoint App and/or ChargePoint card, free of charge, at  Creating a ChargePoint account enables drivers to set up mobile and email notifications for vehicle charging updates.  Drivers are also able to use the App to track charging times, charging locations, fees, energy (kWh) used, greenhouse gases saved, and greenhouse emissions prevented.

For questions or concerns regarding EV charging, please contact DCAMM at 617-727-4100.

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