Parking Policies and Procedures - McCormack, Lindemann, Hurley Buildings

Learn about parking policies and procedures. Check citation and towing policies, handicapped parking policies, visitor parking procedures, and more.

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To provide orderly and safe parking in the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) Parking Facilities for authorized personnel and visitors. To avoid confusion related to parking and the acquisition of parking privileges. To set forth the rules, regulations and responsibilities of persons authorized to park in DCAMM Parking Facilities and their sponsoring agencies.


Agency Liaison - The person designated by a department head to communicate with the DCAMM on behalf of the Agency for maintenance requests, parking issues, Photo ID Access Cards, etc.

Damage (to vehicles) - Scrapes, dents, stains, broken glass, etc., which occur while a vehicle is parked in a DCAMM Parking Facility.

DCAMM Parking Facilities - All parking facilities owned by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and managed by DCAMM. They include the McCormack Garage, the Saltonstall Garage, the Hurley Garage and the Merrimac Street parking lot.

DCAMM Parking Violation/Ticket:  Issued for parking violations by DCAMM Security.  Violations are recorded in DCAMM data base.

DCAMM Security – DCAMM staff or contract security firms working for DCAMM who manage and implement building safety, security and parking access policies for DCAMM-managed buildings.

Handicapped Accessible Parking Space - Any space marked with an HP sign that is designated strictly for the use of physically disabled persons.

ID Access Card - The photo ID card issued by DCAMM to state employees, which provides access to DCAMM buildings.

Illegal Parking Space - Any space within the facility that is marked with “NO PARKING “or "FIRE LANE" signs. Parking in any space that is clearly not marked as an authorized parking space.  Parking in such a manner that it makes it impossible for another vehicle to park in an adjoining space.

Loss - The theft of items from a vehicle that is parked in a DCAMM Parking Facility or the theft of the vehicle itself.

Temporary Visitor Parking - The limited number of spaces that DCAMM makes available for parking on a temporary basis.



It is the policy of the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to allow only authorized personnel to park in DCAMM Parking Facilities. The use of a DCAMM-issued Photo ID Access Card shall be required for admittance into a DCAMM Parking Facility.   Unauthorized vehicles parked in any DCAMM Parking Facility will be removed at the owner’s expenseViolations of DCAMM parking policy may result in administrative or disciplinary sanctions, to include loss of parking privileges.   Parking is a privilege.  All parking rules and regulations will be strictly enforced.

By accepting parking privileges, users agree to save harmless the Commonwealth and its agents from any Loss or Damage incurred while using DCAMM parking facilities.

Assignment of Parking

Constitutional officers, cabinet secretaries, legislative leaders, independent agency heads and designated Agency Liaisons shall make any requests for parking to DCAMM Security in writing. DCAMM will assign each agency in the McCormack building a limited number of parking spaces.  Agency Liaisons are responsible for assigning all parking spaces allocated to their agencies by DCAMM. Agency Liaisons are responsible to determine the needs of their employees with disabilities and to meet those needs through the agency’s parking allocation.  DCAMM will provide ID card authorization to operate the garage doors.

It is the responsibility of the Agency Liaison to provide a vehicle registration number for each person who is assigned parking. Employee parking in DCAMM Parking Facilities is limited to those who work in DCAMM managed buildings or the State House. The Agency is also responsible for keeping DCAMM informed as employees leave state service.

DCAMM will reconcile the parking information with each Agency Liaison every six months to ensure that all information is up to date and accurate.

Qualifications for Parking

To ensure the safety of everyone utilizing the DCAMM Parking Facilities, the following requirements must be met and maintained for all Drivers and vehicles authorized parking;

  • Vehicle Drivers must have a valid state driver’s license.
  • Vehicles must have a valid vehicle registration which matches the license plates on the vehicle.
  • Vehicles must properly display a current vehicle inspection sticker from the state where the vehicle is registered.
  • Vehicles must properly display a current year registration sticker on the license plate(s). 
  • Vehicles must be insured in accordance with the requirements of MASS Motor Vehicle Law. 

Temporary Visitor Parking Policy (Effective January 1, 2019)


To accommodate agencies and constitutional offices by providing limited Temporary Visitor Parking for persons needing to travel to the Government Center Complex to conduct business with agents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


It is the policy of DCAMM to provide limited, temporary parking whenever possible for the use by visitors of occupant agencies and constitutional offices.  Arrangements for Temporary Visitor Parking must be made between the DCAMM Parking Administrator and the Agency Liaison. These temporary spaces are not intended to be used to augment permanent agency parking.


All Agency parking requests for Temporary Visitor Parking must be submitted by the Agency Liaison to at least 24 hours in advance.  Such requests must include the visitor’s name, and the make, model and registration number of the visitor’s vehicle.  Parking requests for Monday (or Tuesday, in the event of a Monday holiday) should be submitted before 2:00 P.M. the previous Friday.

Due to the limited number of parking spaces, some requests may not be approved.

Visitors who are granted Temporary Visitor Parking in the 100 Cambridge St. Garage must follow these procedures:

  • Enter the 100 Cambridge St. Garage from Somerset Street and take a Parking Ticket from the dispenser.  If the garage is full, a valet will assist the visitor.
  • Not later than 3:30 P.M., go to Room 107 in the McCormack Building so DCAMM staff can validate the Parking Ticket and give the visitor a “chaser ticket”.
  • When leaving the garage, the visitor will be asked to insert the validated Parking Ticket, followed by the chaser ticket.

Lost Ticket:  Visitors are responsible to pay the full-day rate if they lose their ticket.

Overnight and Long-Term Parking

Due to the space restrictions in the McCormack Garage overnight and long-term parking is not permitted in the garage.  Authorized users are expected to utilize the garage for official business only.  Requests for overnight or long-term parking for official business only must be submitted to the Agency Liaison.  Agency Liaisons will forward the request to DCAMM Security for approval. DCAMM will provide a timely answer to the Agency Liaison.  If approved the Agency Liaison will be informed of the location the vehicle may be parked in the garage.  The Agency Liaison will make arrangements with the vehicle owner to have access to the vehicles keys so that the vehicle can be moved in case of emergency.

Entering and Exiting the McCormack Garage

All vehicles entering the garage are subject to search to without notice.  No vehicle shall gain access or exit the garage except by the use of a Photo ID Access Card. The Photo ID Access Cards of personnel authorized to park in DCAMM facilities will be programmed to allow access into the appropriate garage.  Drivers must present a valid DCAMM ID upon request. All passengers in a vehicle must possess a DCAMM ID or must exit the vehicle prior to entering the garage.  Speed limit in the garage is 5 miles per hour.  When entering or exiting the garage it is the vehicle driver’s responsibility to yield to pedestrians walking on the side walk and safely merge into or out of traffic.

If a driver forgets his/her Photo ID Access Card, the driver must proceed to DCAMM’s Office in Room 13 of the State House to secure a Visitor Access Card.  If the Photo ID Access Card or the Visitor Access Card is lost, there is a $12 replacement fee.

Parking Assignment

Each person authorized to park in the McCormack garage will have a reserved space or an unreserved space.   The reserved parking spaces are located on the first and second floors of the McCormack Garage.  Each reserved space is numbered and assigned to an individual person.  Parking in another individual’s assigned parking space may result in ticketing and towing.  Additionally, the drive of the vehicle may be subject to loss of parking privileges and may face disciplinary or administrative sanctions.

The unreserved parking spaces are located on the third and fourth level of the McCormack Garage and are occupied on a “first come, first served” basis.

Citations & Towing

It is the policy of DCAMM to have vehicles that create a hazard to the facility or its occupants removed from DCAMM Parking Facilities. DCAMM reserves the right to have any vehicle that does not have the proper credentials displayed, and/or cannot be properly identified as an authorized vehicle, removed without warning. Such vehicles will be towed under DCAMM supervision and at the owners’ expense.

All drivers are expected to park in authorized lined parking spaces. If there are no available authorized parking spaces the drive is required to exit the garage and seek other parking.   Any person who fails to follow designated parking procedures may be issued a Citation by the Massachusetts State Police or DCAMM Security. 

Unacceptable parking includes but is not limited to:

  • No vehicle shall park in an Illegal Parking Space.
  • No vehicle shall park in a Handicapped Accessible Parking Space without a Registry of Motor Vehicle issued HP license plates or placard. Vehicles illegally parking in a designated Handicapped Parking space are subject to be ticketed by the MSP and may be towed.  Additionally, the driver of the vehicle may be subject to loss of parking privileges and may face disciplinary or administrative sanctions.
  • No vehicle shall park in a space marked "No Parking" or "Fire Lane".
  • No vehicle shall park in a space that is clearly not marked as an authorized parking space.
  • No vehicle shall park in such a manner that it makes it impossible for another vehicle to park in an adjoining space.
  • No vehicle shall park is such a manner that it blocks access to an entrance or exit.
  • No vehicle shall park in such a manner that blocks a legally parked vehicle.
  • No vehicle is to be driven in excess of 5 miles per hour.

Parking Citations/Parking Violations issued in the McCormack garage

Any Citations/tickets issued by members of the MSP will be adjudicated according to the laws of the Commonwealth.

DCAMM Security may issue Parking Violations for vehicles found to be in violation of DCAMM parking policy.  DCAMM will maintain a list of all DCAMM parking violations and will provide names of parking violators to the appropriate Agency Liaison.   DCAMM Security will request that the MSP issue a citation for any vehicle found illegally parked in a handicapped space. The following guidelines are issued to address these violations:

  1. First time violators will be contacted by DCAMM Security and asked to move the vehicle into compliance with DCAMM parking policy.
  1. Second time violators will be contacted by DCAMM Security and asked to move the vehicle into compliance with DCAMM parking policy. DCAMM Security Director will send an email to the violators Agency Liaison notifying them of the second violation.
  1. Third time violators will be contacted by DCAMM Security and asked to move the vehicle into compliance with DCAMM parking policy.  DCAMM Security will notify the violators Agency Liaison of the Parking Violations and that Security will be requesting permission from the DCAMM Chief of Staff to disable the violators parking access.

Loss of or Damage to Vehicles in DCAMM Parking Facilities

It is the policy of DCAMM to assume NO responsibility for Loss of, or Damage to, vehicles parked in DCAMM Parking Facilities. By accepting parking privileges, users agree to save harmless the Commonwealth and its agents from any such Loss or Damage.

Any incident involving property damage or loss must be immediately reported to the DCAMM Security Contractor located outside room 105.  An incident report will be completed, and law enforcement notified if required.

Although DCAMM assumes no responsibility, any incidents regarding the Loss of or Damage to a vehicle or its contents should be reported to the Director of Security. Claims may be forwarded to the Executive Office for Administration and Finance, Attention: Tort Claims, State House, Room 373, and Boston, Massachusetts 02133. All claims should include the following language: "This letter serves as a notice of presentment as required by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 258, Section 1 et seq."

Medical Emergencies in the Garage

It is the policy of DCAMM to respond to any requests for medical assistance anywhere in the McCormack Building to include the garage spaces.  Anyone who is a victim or witness to a medical emergency should attempt to contact 911 by cell phone.  However, due to limited cell phone service in the garage there are emergency call boxes located near the elevators on each level.  In the event of a medical emergency pushing the button on the emergency call box, will connect you with the McCormack building control center. Please provide the control center operator with all the necessary information so that a trained Security Officer can respond and 911 can be notified.

Handicapped Accessible Parking

Agencies can meet their needs for handicapped parking in two ways.

Regulation Spaces. There are designated Handicapped Accessible Parking Spaces in the McCormack Garage all of which are assigned by DCAMM according to a waiting list, irrespective of an agency’s parking space allocation.  Historically, these spaces have been assigned to employees with permanent disabilities with HP license plates on a "first come, first served" basis.  Once the user leaves State service, the parking space reverts to DCAMM for reassignment to the next individual on the waiting list.  An HP license plate or placard is required for a person to be considered for assignment to one of these Handicapped Accessible Parking Spaces 

Non-Regulation Spaces (out of agency allocation). Regularly allocated spaces may be used by Agencies to meet the needs of staff members with disabilities.  The spaces are NOT regulation size.  It is the responsibility of each agency to determine the needs of its employees and assign the allocated spaces.  If an agency needs a Handicapped Accessible Parking Space and is at its space allocation, that agency must reassess its parking allocations limit, and make adjustments to accommodate the handicapped parking need using its own allotted spaces.

Bicycle Parking

It is the policy of DCAMM to provide bicycle racks for the use of state employees who work in DCAMM-managed facilities or the State House.  Employees should use the bicycle racks provided on the first level of the parking garage. Additional bicycle parking is located outside of the building on the Plaza level.    The Photo ID Access Cards of all employees who work in either the State House or the McCormack Building have been programmed to allow access to the garage through the pedestrian doors only.

No Employee, visitor or contractor is authorized to ride or walk a bicycle in or through the lobbies/hallways of a DCAMM building.  Bicycles will not be transported in any elevator or parked in any Office Space or Common Space.

Maintenance of Records of Photo ID Access Card Activity

It is the policy of DCAMM to maintain Photo ID Access Card activity records that are useful in sustaining and/or improving security and parking operations, such as lists of cardholders and a Transaction Log. DCAMM will release Photo ID Access Card activity records pursuant to state and federal laws. 

Each time a Photo ID Access Card transaction is completed, information from that transaction is stored in the security/access system as a record. The stored records make up the Transaction Log. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

DCAMM is in the process of evaluating how to support tenants’ use of electric vehicles for commuting to work.  The policy will define the quantity and type of charging stations to be installed in parking facilities in DCAMM-managed buildings.  Until a final policy is adopted, an interim policy for the McCormack Building is on the next page: 

McCormack Building

Electronic Vehicle Charging Policy (EVCP)

(As of July 2017)

The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) manages the parking garage located at the McCormack Building at One Ashburton Place, Boston, Massachusetts (“Facility”).  DCAMM developed an interim Electronic Vehicle Charging Policy (as of January 2017). Based on guidance from EOEEA regarding an EVCP for the Facility, DCAMM is implementing a new EVCP, effective as of July 1, 2017.  The user agrees to the following monthly rates:

Level One Service:       Standard wall outlet, bring your own cord (110 volts/20 amp) – $10.00/month ($30.00/quarter)

Level Two Service:      Pedestal or wall mount with card reader capability (220 volts/50 amp) - $35.00/month ($105.00/quarter)

Checks should reference the EV Charging Policy and be made payable to the following:

Commonwealth of Massachusetts/Energy Credit, Efficiency and Sustainable Design Trust

Checks should be remitted quarterly, within thirty (30) days of invoice receipt, to the following address:

Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance
One Ashburton Place, 15th floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02108
ATTN: Hope Davis, Deputy Commissioner

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