Part VI Things to Remember

Things To Remember

Pre-Insurance Inspection

Insurers can require a Pre-Insurance inspection of a used private passenger motor vehicles prior to providing coverage for Collision, Limited Collision or Comprehensive. The inspection may be deferred for ten calendar days - not including legal holidays and Sundays. If your auto is not inspected within the required time, these coverages will be automatically suspended.

Cancelling Your Policy

If you cancel your insurance policy, no refund will be issued until your insurance company receives a receipt showing the license plates have been returned to the Registry of Motor Vehicles or notice that your coverage has been transferred to another carrier.

Newly Licensed Drivers

If any of your children who are household members obtain a driver's license, you must notify your company within 60 days of that date. You must list all licensed household members and any other licensed person who will customarily operate your vehicle. For Tips for Teen Drivers, click here.

Cooperate with Your Insurance Company

If you or someone on your behalf gives your insurance company false, deceptive, misleading, or incomplete information concerning the description and place of garaging of your car, or the names of those people who drive your car, your insurer may refuse to pay your claims under any or all of the Optional Insurance Parts of your policy.

For More Information

If you visit the Division of Insurance's website at, you will find an array of materials that can help you understand automobile insurance in Massachusetts. Go there to learn more about:

  • Shopping Around for Automobile Insurance
  • Consumer Rights in Automobile Insurance
  • Learn More About the Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Plan (MAIP)
  • Insurance and Your Rental Car.

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