Pathways to Zero Net Energy Program

The Pathways to Zero Net Energy Program is a $3.5 million DOER initiative designed to facilitate a transition to the next generation of high-performance buildings.

$3 million is being used to fund feasibility, integrated design, and construction of zero-net energy buildings in Massachusetts. An additional $0.5 million will be used for workforce development, public awareness, DOER resources, and other market development initiatives to help grow the zero-net energy industry in Massachusetts.


Program Description

DOER is pleased to announce the 25 projects that have been selected for awards through our competitive solicitation. These projects represent a range of locations, strategies, and building types: from science labs in Fall River to new homes in Lenox. Projects are utilizing energy best practices such as proper building orientations, well-insulated and air-tight building envelopes, solar PV, and heat pumps. Furthermore, projects are having an impact beyond the energy meter: some projects are cleaning up and developing on formerly contaminated lands (also known as brownfield development), in some cases replacing it with community gardens and public green space. The projects also incorporate tenant engagement to ensure that building occupants are active participants in the zero-net mission.

ZNEB Energy Projects Poster

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