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Learn about employee and contractor ID access cards.

Walk-in ID hours

Tuesday, 11:00am to 12:00pm - State House Room 13 (Room 13 is located on the basement level in the Annex at the bottom of the central stairway, enter the State House at the Bowdoin/Ashburton Park entrance, take a left and walk to the end of the hallway.)

Wednesday and Friday, 11:00 - 12:00pm - McCormack Room 107

    Replacement cards

    Available only at State House, Room 13 either during “Drop in” ID hours or by appointment.  Appointments can only be requested by agency liaison.

    Appointments for other ID hours may be scheduled by the Agency’s liaison sending e-mail to

    Employee must bring his/her ID application form signed by the Agency’s liaison to their Photo ID appointment.

    ID liaisons are responsible to notify the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) Security department (  immediately when an employee leaves state service, so that DCAMM can deactivate the Photo ID access cards. All such cards must be returned immediately to DCAMM Security Office currently located in the State House, Room 13.

      Photo identification access card details

      DCAMM issues one nontransferable Photo ID Access Card (ID Access) to each employee. ID Accesses are only authorized for use by the employee named and pictured and are not issued to temporary employees, interns, vendors or contractors unless the Commissioner or Director of Safety / Security deems it necessary.

      ID Accesses remain the property of DCAMM and must be surrendered upon termination of employment with the Commonwealth. DCAMM assesses $12 replacement fee for lost Photo ID Cards.

      The Photo Identification (ID) Application Form is only available to Agency liaisons.

        Steps to acquire an original ID access

        • Obtain a Photo ID application form from your agency liaison.
        • Complete the form, making sure your name is exactly as it appears on your paycheck and indicating whether the application is for a new card, a name change or agency transfer.
        • Have the form signed by your agency liaison.
        • Photographs are taken in Room 107 of the McCormack Building on Wednesdays and Fridays between 11:00 am - 12:00 noon, and in State House Room 13 on Tuesdays between  11:00 am - 12:00 noon.  Completed Photo ID cards will be forwarded to agency liaisons only. It is the responsibility of the agency liaison, upon receipt of an employee’s access card, to verify that the employee is employed by his / her department, to issue the card to the employee, or return it to DCAMM.

        Lost cards must be reported to DCAMM’s Security Director ( immediately so they can be removed from the system. When an employee terminates state employment the agency is responsible to retrieve the ID Access and return it to DCAMM.

          Steps to replace a photo ID access card

          • Obtain a Photo ID application form from the DCAMM ID Office in State House, Room 13.
          • Complete the form, making sure that your name is exactly as it appears on your paycheck.
          • Be sure to indicate that the application is for a replacement card. Have the form signed by your agency liaison.
          • Submit the form to the Security Office, along with a $12 check or money made payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
          • It may not be necessary to take a new photograph. The employee’s new card will be forwarded to the Agency Liaison only.
          • If the employee finds his/her photo ID card after receiving the replacement card, the original card must be returned to the DCAMM ID Office. The fee is non-refundable.
          • If the photo ID card is returned to the ID Office prior to being reported lost, the Director of Security will contact the agency liaison to establish that the card is valid and to arrange for its return to the employee.

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