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Producer Licensing Department

Producer Licensing

The Producer Licensing Department is responsible for the licensing of insurance producers and the licensing of other type of entities. The Producer Licensing Department also oversees the appointments of such producers by insurance companies, as well as the renewals of such appointments. The Department is responsible for the issuance of Certification Letters, Clearance Letters and the issuance of duplicate or replacement licenses. The Department addresses all types of inquiries from current licensees. In addition, the Department responds to all inquiries relating to the licensing of individuals and business entities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In addition, the Producer Licensing Department is responsible for processing all new license applications and renewal applications associated with the following license types:

  • Producers
  • Advisers
  • Auto Clubs & Auto Club Agents
  • Bank Insurance licenses
  • Public Insurance Adjusters
  • Reinsurance Intermediaries (both brokers and managers)
  • Surplus Lines Brokers
  • Motor Vehicle Damage Appraisers
  • Portable Electronics Limited Lines Vendors
  • Life Settlement Brokers

Additional Responsibilities of the Producer Licensing Department include the following:

  • Examination of licensing records and documents to ensure compliance with applicable Massachusetts General Laws, regulations and agency guidelines
  • Responding to public record requests in regards to licensees
  • Maintaining the Division's licensing database (CLARIS)
  • Testing and implementing enhancements to new online licensing procedures via National Insurance Producer Registry's (NIPR) licensing website.
    Maintaining Producer Update Mailbox - Responding to Inquiries Maintaining Agent Renewal Help Mailbox - Responding to all Insurers
    Responding to approximately 2,000 phone calls per month
    Meeting in-person with licensees, applicants and consumers at the Division of Insurance