Project Learning Tree (PLT)

Workshops focus on trees, forests, forest ecology and their place in the human culture
project learning tree

Project Learning Tree® is an award-winning, nationally-recognized environmental education program of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

 PLT curriculum develops awareness, engages critical thinking skills and promotes constructive action.  Developed for different age/grade levels, the interdisciplinary curriculum is designed for diverse teaching and learning styles. 

These materials are available by attending educator workshops or online through PLT's National Office.  Information and supplementary resources are posted on the PLT's website.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation sponsors PLT in Massachusetts with support from the Massachusetts Forest Alliance.  In-person workshops led by trained facilitators are available for classroom teachers, home school parents, youth group leaders, nature center staff and those who work with young people. 


Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood, written for PreK-K educators, emphasizes developing awareness of and connections with the natural world by building on what’s familiar to our young learners. Its format is a variety of child-directed and teacher-led activities that follow typical pre-school routines. 

The Early Childhood curriculum is also available directly from the PLT National Office in an on-line format. The $35 cost for Early Childhood includes an e-version of the curriculum.  A hard copy is an additional $20.

The PreK-8 Curriculum includes nearly 100 hands-on; minds-on activities that connect with topics in Science, English Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies. 

The PreK-8 curriculum is also available directly from the PLT National Office  in an on-line format.  The $40 cost includes an e-version of the guide.  A hard copy is an additional $25.

Secondary Modules, ideal for middle and high school educators, provide in-depth investigations and activities that build critical thinking and responsible decision-making skills.

Additional Resources for

PLT’s "E-Units"

PLT’s "E-Units" are available directly from the PLT National Office.  These on-line professional development modules do not require an in-person workshop, and they can be accessed repeatedly for future use.  The E-Units include interactive classroom-based lessons to create an enriched learning experience.  Each unit costs $40, is self-paced; chunked in 30-minute pieces called “coursels,” and is approximately three hours total.  Videos show PLT activities in action and illustrate the Five-E Instructional Model  (engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate).  Participants receive a certificate of completion.
     E-Unit Treemendous Science! (Grades K-2) helps young children explore, experience, and collect data to understand how trees grow, the roles trees play in ecological systems, and how humans and trees interact.

     E-Unit Energy in Ecosystems (Grades 3-5) uses the forest as a lens to help students explore and understand the interactions and energy flows present in all ecosystems. 

     E-Unit Carbon and Climate (Grades 6-8) helps introduce students to some of the complex issues involved in climate change.