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Promotional Education & Experience Credit Appeals - FAQs

Promotional exam candidates are required to file their E&E Claim application online; it is a mandatory exam component and will result in a failing score if the claim is not completed online.

Supporting documentation will be accepted up to 7 calendar days following the exam date by mail or email: civilservice@mass.gov

Tip: Before filing an appeal regarding your E&E claim, please ensure that your submitted documentation supports the information referenced on your online E&E claim.

You can review the documents you attached by logging into your account at https://www.governmentjobs.com/Applications/Index/massachusetts, clicking on your username in the top right-hand corner, then clicking on Applications and selecting the E&E Application title.

Q: Why were my transcripts denied credit?

A: Every transcript should have a ‘conferred’ date on it.  Please note that all pages should accompany the transcript.  If more than one school (transferred credits) has been attended, then all transcripts are needed.

If your submission is lacking any of the details listed above, it will be denied.

Q: My Work Experience was amended or denied - why?

If work experience is amended/denied – be sure to include ALL employment verification forms for ALL applicable employment claimed.  Forms should include job title and exact dates or exact hours if part time.

For your information, here is how we verify your submissions:

For EMT verification, we refer to the OEMS EMT lookup for verification (https://checkalicense.hhs.state.ma.us/MyLicenseVerification)

For Work Experience, we verify time frame down to the day using a time/date calculator.

PLEASE NOTE: 15 days gets rounded up to a full month.  Anything less is rounded down to the full month.

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