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Civil Service FAQs

Looking for most commonly asked questions on civil service?

Q: How do I get a civil service job?

A: To get a civil service job you may be required to take and pass an appropriate civil service examination in order to qualify as a candidate for employment. Your first step is to apply and take an examination.

Q: How do I apply for a civil service exam? 

A: Application instructions can be found on the exam announcement.

Q: How do I know when next civil service exams are open?

A: Please check the Civil Service Exam Schedules periodically. These schedules are continuously being updated and as new exams are announced they will be added to these schedules.

Q: When will I receive my test results?

A: Results will be emailed to you  as soon as they are available. Scores for the Entry-Level Firefighter exam may take longer delayed because applicants must complete both components (written & ELPAT) to receive a mark. 

Q: I want to change my email address, add my EMT license, and update other information; how do I do that?

A: Updating Your Account - Please click that link to update your information. You must still file an Update Civil Service Online Account application in order to update your information

Q: What is Residency Preference and what do I need to know before making a claim on my application:?

A: Please review the Residency Preference Claim Selection Information.

Q: What cities or towns departments are covered by the Civil Service exams? 

A: Please review Fire Departments Covered By Civil Service  and Police Departments Covered by Civil Service.

Q: Are there age limits for certain departments?

A: Please review Fire Departments Covered By Civil Service  and Police Departments Covered by Civil Service.

Q: How do I apply for a Labor Service job?

A: The Civil Service On-line Application Service allows you to apply for Civil Service Labor titles.  We no longer accept paper applications for Labor Service; you MUST apply on-line in order to be considered for Labor Service job titles. 

Q: What does my rank number mean on the Civil Service list?

A: Please review Order of Persons on an Eligible List

Q: I was or still am in the military; how does that effect my candidacy?

A: Veteran & Active Duty Military Applicant Information


All vacancy notices issued will be sent via e-mail.  Candidates should check their e-mail often (both their Inbox and SPAM folders) in order to ensure that they do not miss any potential opportunities.  If your email address changes in the future, please log on to your account via Civil Service Online, and click Edit Personal Information in order to update your email address in a timely fashion.  It is your responsibility to maintain up-to-date contact information in your account.

Q: What is E/E Credit for entry-level exams?

A: Entry-Level Employment/Experience Credit FAQs

Q: What is E&E Credit for a promotional exam?

A: Promotional Education & Experience Credit Appeals - FAQs

For more information on upcoming/current examinations, please see Examination Schedules

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