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Providing rides through the HST Brokerage

Qualified transportation companies can provide transportation to EOHHS consumers by participating in the statewide Human Service Transportation brokerage.

Massachusetts has a coordinated statewide Human Service Transportation (HST) brokerage system with Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs) currently brokering and managing over eight million consumer trips throughout the state. These trips provide an important service to our customers, who are consumers of participating EOHHS agency services.

Through June 30, six RTAs serve as brokers. As of July 1, we will contract with only two Brokers, with MART and GATRA covering the entire state

Contracting in the HST System

Brokers arrange transportation services by subcontracting with local qualified transportation providers.

Work volume for transportation providers can be as limited as occasional trips for mid-day medical appointments to long-term, multiple days a week, route-structured program services.

If you are interested in being a provider for these HST services, please contact the broker in your area.

Brokers through June 30, 2021:

  • MART – Greater Boston, Central Mass, Pioneer Valley

  • GATRA – Southeastern Mass

  • CCRTA – Cape and Islands

  • BRTA – Berkshire County

  • FRTA – Franklin County

  • CATA – Cape Ann and Merrimack Valley

Brokers as of July 1, 2021:

  • MART – Western Mass, Central Mass, Metro Boston, Northeastern Mass
  • GATRA – Southeastern Mass, Cape Cod, Islands

Detailed contact information for brokers and a list of all towns served by each broker is available in the Excel spreadsheet below titled "HST brokerage areas & towns & contact info."

Brokers are always looking to add qualified, high-quality, customer-focused transportation vendors to their pool. To find out if your company is qualified to participate, please read the Provider Performance Standards linked below, and contact the broker serving your region for additional requirements.

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