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Are you a MassHealth provider who needs non-emergency transportation for a MassHealth member? You can request it here.
Request transportation as soon as you know a member needs it. Members should schedule transportation at least 3 business days before a medical appointment. If a member needs transportation sooner, you can contact MassHealth Customer Service.

MassHealth Customer Service for Providers

The Details   of Request transportation for a member

What you need   for Request transportation for a member

To request transportation for a member, you will need a Customer Service Web Portal Account.

If you do not have an account, you can create one.

To complete the Provider Request for Transportation form (PT-1), you will also need

  • Your provider number
  • The MassHealth ID number of the member needing transportation
  • The address where the member will be picked up, if different from the home address

You may need additional information as well.

Please note: You will have to contact a fee-for-service transportation provider for MassHealth members who need the following kinds of nonemergency transportation:

  • Wheelchair van for members in an institutional setting
  • Wheelchair van for members in the community who need help getting out of their home or getting into the van
  • Wheelchair van for members who are discharged from an inpatient psychiatric hospital to a behavioral health program in the community and who need to be supervised when PT-1 isn't available or appropriate
  • Nonemergency ambulance for members, wherever they live. 

When asking for such transportation, you will need to complete the MassHealth Medical Necessity Form attesting to the member's condition and need for the requested transportation.

Call the Mass Customer Service Center at (800) 841-2900 for a list of wheelchair van and ambulance providers. 


How to request   Request transportation for a member

  1. Login to your Customer Service Web Account.
  2. On the right hand menu, click PT-1 Request Management.
  3. Click Create New PT-1.
  4. Follow the instructions and fill out the form.

Next steps   for Request transportation for a member

After approval

Once the member receives approval for transportation, MassHealth assigns a transportation broker for the member. A broker is a regional transit authority. Only the broker can arrange rides. After transportation is set up for the first time, the broker will send the member a welcome letter with more information, including full contact information.

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