Public Housing Sustainability Initiatives

For details regarding EOHLC's Sustainability Practices and Goals, and for current Sustainability Award Applications

​​​​​​“The Commonwealth and EOHLC have aggressive greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goals. EOHLC wants to help Local Housing Authorities reduce their GHG emissions, consistent with requirements found in climate bill S9 and Executive Order 594. On this page, you’ll find resources to help Local Housing Authorities access programs and funding to reduce GHG emissions.”

Applying for a Typical Sustainability Award

Targeted GHG-Intensity Project Pathway

In order to meet our, and the Commonwealth's, greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction goals, EOHLC will help those local housing authorities that emit large amounts of GHGs and emit large amounts of GHG per square foot (have high GHG intensity) reduce their emissions. Details of this strategy and process may be found below.

GHG Intensity How-To Guide


Heat Pump User Guide

Heat pumps are a heating and cooling system that many Housing Authorities, and their residents, enjoy. Heat pumps, and particularly ductless/mini-split air-source heat pumps, are increasingly popular because of the energy savings they provide, their lower greenhouse gas emissions, and their air conditioning abilities. Mini-split heat pumps have different operating practices than other heating systems like boilers or furnaces, and to optimize their effectiveness certain steps should be taken. Efficiency Maine created a helpful user guide, which you may find at the link below and share with residents and staff.

Heat Pump User Tips

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